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should my kid
I have a four year old son. He is very
physically active and has great motor
skills. Far better at most sports they I
was at his age. Most of our friends have
their children in sports and like most
“soccer moms” they drive from event
to event - especially on the weekends.
We tagged along to a few soccer games
and a number of things struck me
during and after the games. The most
obvious was that there were plenty of
kids there who would have rather been
somewhere else and who’s parents were
the excited part of the group. There
were also parents yelling and carrying
on. At their kids no less. This is not
right I thought, I have to take a look
at this.
By now you are saying “this guy must
have been watching a game in some
rough side of town” but nothing
could be further from the truth. No
the problem was not to be found in
the surroundings or in the kids for
the matter. It was to be found in the
parents and their approach at the
game. I would be a great blessing if
someone would write the “how to
get your kids into sports handbook -
parents edition”. I could hand them out
by the box. Here is the basic problem.
Is the kid doing a sport because you
expect him/her to, or because they
have a great amount of fun when then
play? Simple enough question right?
Well I asked 10 parents after the game
and all of them said, “oh he loves it”.
“Are you sure?” I would ask, “how can