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When the
Wheezing Child
Does Not Improve...
By Ruqya Khan, Sharjah
So your child is taking inhalers daily as
per the doctor’s advice since few months
now but still has attacks which need the
reliever inhaler and nebulisation. Why is
this happening despite the daily inhaler
What actually is
Asthma is a condition of the air tubes
within the lungs and the chest cage,
whose walls swell up and which become
narrow in response to certain items in the
environment and food, and cause cough
and breathlessness in the patient.
• Have your child checked for asthma
if she or she has repeated cough
attacks, cough for more than 15 days,
or breathlessness after playing or
exercise, disturbed sleep at night due
to breathlessness or cough or a family
history of asthma
• Childhood asthma is easy and safe to
treat. The doctor will check for the items
in the food and environment which may
be causing this and also check for other
medical conditions side by side which
may need to also be treated to control
• Childhood asthma is genetic in nature,
not infectious and need not necessarily
be hereditary; if treated properly, the
child need not suffer life long
Treating Asthma in
The goal of asthma treatment is to keep
symptoms under control all of the time.
Well-controlled asthma means that your
child has:
• Minimal or no symptoms
• Few or no asthma flare-ups
• No limitations on physical activities or
• Minimal use of quick-relief (rescue)
inhalers, such as albuterol
• Few or no side effects from medications
Treating asthma involves both preventing