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Summer Infant Deluxe
Day & Night Color
Video Monitor
What it is: The most popular infant video monitor of all gets high
marks from parents both for its clear picture and good sound
quality. Our favorite features of the Infant Day & Night include
night vision and the colored light display that allows you to turn the
volume to mute and still be able to see the level of noise the baby is
What to watch out for: This monitor is prone to interference, which
causes static. Also, it has only two channels, which can be a problem
for parents with privacy issues (and neighbors who own radio
Fully-loaded for parents who want it all.
Whether infant or toddler, city or beach,
winter or summer, the Bugaboo Cameleon
is ready to go.
- Choose the color, the
fabric, the seat or bassinet, even the height
of your handlebar, everything on the
Bugaboo Cameleon is made to go your way.
- The first modular stroller is also
the easiest modular stroller. A reversible and
independent seat and bassinet allow your
child to face you or face the world. Easily
adjust the handlebar for height or adapt the
chassis for a car seat to click and go.
Multi-terrain -
In the city, small swivel
wheels in front help navigate tight spaces
with one hand and adjustable suspension
keeps you rolling smoothly. On rougher
roads, reverse the handlebar and, with big
wheels forward, you’ll be ready for any
bumps that come your way. Click into two-
wheel position to make easy work of sand
and snow.
Sassy Ring O’ Links
Colorful, easy to grasp, and great to chew on when those first teeth
start to emerge, these rings are a hit with the stroller set. Snazzy
features include different textures for feeling and mouthing and a
high-contrast black-and-white ring to hold everything together.