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Accounts Director in

Dubai writes: “Every

issue HEALTH magazine

offers interesting

and vital health and

lifestyle news, beauty,

and nutrition tips as

well as share latest

developments within

the healthcare industry.

I enjoy reading it

during my breaks and

clip stories that can

be of interest. Thanks

to your fantastic


my brother has just

chosen great toys for his

daughter’s nursery.”

The editor responds:

“Thanks Anastasiya. As

the editor, I always strive

to showcase the latest

and the best that is out

there for our readers.”

Sandra Gonzalez,

Blogger and motivational

expert writes: “I believe

wellness is living a healthier

lifestyle and we need to help

people make sound choices

regarding exercise, nutrition,

medical care, and high-risk

behaviors. Your magazine

covers holistic-health and

this type of information is

educational, inspiring and

value-driven. I admire how

you have captured holistic

health with an emphasis on

the psychological dimension.

Psychologically healthy people

equate to psychologically

healthy children and this is

what gets me out of bed at

5 a.m. every morning. I want

our children to be healthier,

happier, and motivated but first

I have to help out their moms.”

The editor responds:

“I am glad

to hear that Sandra. At HEALTH,

we truly believe if the mother

is happy and healthy then the

kids and rest of the family will

be also. Keep your feedback


Letters to the E


HEALTH invites readers to send in

comments and sugge


to further improve our content. We welcome all letters…

Chisom Nwosu,

PR Executive in Dubai

writes, “I love magazines,

especially the ones

that cover health and

fitness. HEALTH is

comprehensive and

covers so much detailed

information. It is a great

resource for keeping

yourself healthy inside

and out! From fitness

to great recipes, tips

and remedies, beauty

and lifestyle, HEALTH

magazine has got you

covered. What I like

about this magazine is

the articles go in depth

and inspire you to learn

more. HEALTH is a true

inspiration for anyone

who wants to lead a

healthy lifestyle!”

The editor responds:

“Thanks Chisom. We

appreciate your feedback

and always try our best

to create well-balanced

and interesting content.

Keep your letters



Mar/Apr 2017