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Perfect for the New Mom
Reverse Crunches (lower abdomen)
For this, we lie down on the mat,
facing upwards with both hands under
your hips to cushion the tailbone.
Let both knees swing backward and
forward to cause a stretching of the
lower abdomen. Natasha instructs to
complete this exercise as 2 sets of 20
repetitions each.
Oblique Crunches
Lying down, facing upwards, keeping
both knees bent and one hand behind
the head, bring the elbow of that hand
to move towards opposite knee. Be
sure to maintain shoulders and head
off the mat throughout the exercise.
For this exercise, Natasha advises to
complete 2 sets of 15 repetitions for
both sides.
Leg Raises
Lying down on the mat, facing
upwards and keeping both hands to
support tailbone behind your hips,
raise your lower abdomen muscles
from the ground to the ceiling. For
this, she advises to complete 2 sets of 2
repetitions each.
Stabilization exercise
Facing down on a mat, with both
hands and knees raise up right hand
with a 1 kilo dumbbell and left leg
kept straight off the floor; holding
for 10seconds; repeat similarly
with the opposite hand and leg.
Natasha advises to complete this core
stabilizing exercise in 4 to 5 sets
Spine Flexion and extension
This is a classic and easy exercise to
help strengthen the back muscles.
Natasha instructs us to lie down on
both hands and knees, face the ceiling
and causing flexion (inward facing ) of
the spine exhaling out and then stick
chin into your chest and extend the
spine outwards, focusing on all core
These exercises, points out Natasha,
can be done at home in any box space.
For crunches, you will be required to
purchase an exercise mat and a pair of
one kilo dumbbells. “Lie down facing
the ceiling on a mat with shoulders
raised hands behind your head
attempt to move chest upward towards
ceiling and bring back to start making
1 repetition complete the exercise with 2 sets of
20 repetitions.
Final Words
Most new mothers try to do too much in too
little time. Experts advise not to go overboard
with your workouts—as this can lead to
burnout. Remember that baby steps are the best
path to progress. Some simple “me” time can
also help, just going for a walk or having a chat
with friends can help you recharge and inspire
you to work out.
Other Workout
Suggestions For NewMothers:
• Make a date for a stroller walk with a friend
who is also a newmom
—having a workout
partner will help keep you accountable.
• Set goals for how often you’d like to exercise,
and reward yourself when you achieve them.
• You can also work out with your baby:
bubbles while you’re in a squat, sing while
you’re in lunges—be joyful in your exercise!
• It can also be helpful to set out your workout
clothes the night before.
Even if you’re not
exercising first thing in the morning, they’ll
remind you of your commitment to get in
• Lastly, be mindful of what you’re eating.
Focusing on healthy food can synergistically
motivate you to exercise.
Apr/May 2014