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Work out at work
To fit in more physical activity while
you’re on the job:
• Make the most of your
Walk or bike to work.
If you ride the bus, get off a few
blocks early and walk the rest of
the way.
• Take the stairs whenever you
If you have a meeting on
another floor, get off the elevator a
few floors early and use the stairs.
Better yet, skip the elevator entirely.
• Take fitness breaks.
than hanging out in the lounge
with coffee or a snack, take a short
walk. Or invite colleagues to join
you for a walking meeting.
• Start a walking group.
regular routine and the support of
your co-workers may help you stick
with the program.
• Put it on the calendar.
physical activity as you would any
other appointment during the day.
Don’t change your exercise plans
for every interruption that comes
• Take it on the road.
If you travel
for work, plan ahead. Bring your
jump-rope or choose a hotel that
has fitness facilities. If you’re stuck
in an airport waiting for a plane,
grab your bags and take a walk.
Fitting in fitness at home
Time spent at home doesn’t have to be
couch potato time. To make fitness a
priority at home:
• Wake up early.
Get up 30 minutes
earlier than you normally do and use
the extra time to walk on your treadmill
or take a brisk walk around the
• Make chores count.
Mop the
floor, scrub the bathtub or do other
housework at a pace fast enough to
get your heart pumping. Outdoor
work counts, too. Mowing the lawn
with a push mower is a great way to
burn calories. Raking and hoeing
strengthen your arms and back, and
digging works your arms and legs.
• Be active while watching TV.
Use hand weights, ride a stationary
bike or do a stretching routine during
your favorite shows. Get off the couch
to change the channel or adjust the
• Involve the whole family.
group walks before or after dinner.
Play catch. Ride your bikes. It’s best
to build up to about 30 minutes of
continuous activity, but you can
exercise in shorter bursts, too.
• Get your dog into the act.
daily walks with Fido or Fluffy. If you
don’t have a dog, borrow one. An
enthusiastic dog may give you the
motivation you need to lace up your
walking shoes.
More tips for fitting in fitness
Here are a few more ways you can add more activity to your routine:
• Get more out of errands.
When you go to the mall or grocery store, park toward the back of the lot and
walk the extra distance. If you have a little extra time, walk inside for a lap or two before you start shopping.
Keep a pair of walking shoes in your car so that you’re ready when you find a few minutes for exercise.
• Get social.
Make a date with a friend to hike in a local park, or take a family trip to the zoo. Try a dance
club, hiking group or golf league. Encouragement from others can help you stay with a new activity.
• Team up.
Sign up for a softball, soccer or volleyball team through your local parks and recreation
department. Making a commitment to a team is a great motivator.
• Join the club.
Sign up for a group exercise class at a nearby gym or fitness center. The cost may be an added
incentive to stick with it.
There’s no single best way to fit physical activity into your day. Your lifestyle, job and family responsibilities
will point to the most convenient time and place for fitness. Do what works for you — and make daily physical
activity a habit you keep.
Apr/May 2014