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CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER: +971 6 7400740
Preventive Health
Genomics Laboratory
Proteomics Laboratory
Metabolomics Laboratory
Rare Metal Analysis Laboratory
Maternal and Child Health Laboratory
Diabetes Laboratory NGSP Level 1
Coronary Disease Research Lab
Allergy Laboratory
HPLC & HPTLC Laboratory
High Complexity Histopathology Laboratory
Cytopathology Laboratory
Microbiology Immunology Laboratory
CABRI will carry out nationally and internationally relevant research in the field of Medicine
using state of the art medical diagnostics. We provide tertiary, high complexity, referral testing
services to hospitals of the Thumbay group as well as contracted hospitals.
Growth Through Innovation
P.O. Box: 4184, Ajman, UAE | Tel.: +9716 740 0740, Fax: +9716 740 0709, Web: | Email:
Allergy Testing | Hepatitis B & Hepatitis C by PCR | HLAB27 | Neonatal Screening
LDL Subfraction | Heavy Metal Testing | Genetic Testing | HPV | HBA1C by HPLC
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