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Even the strongest and most enduring marriages,
at some point, can invariably suffer from
misunderstanding or arguments, to the point
where communication weakens and in some
cases, ceases altogether. HEALTH takes a closer
look at why men and women communicate in
different styles and how we can bridge the gap for
a healthier family dynamic.
locks the door. Now I have learned to
keep my mouth shut. The question is
do I speak and create a fight or do I
stay quiet and keep peace?” she asks.
It can happen to any of us. Has
conversation with your spouse gone
from deep meaningful chats about
life to a merely mumbled, ‘what’s for
dinner?’ To explain this dynamic,
Devika Singh, Psychologist in The
Dubai Herbal and Treatment Centre
states that healthy communication
is when a couple is able to discuss
sensitive topics and come to a place
of mutual cooperation. She adds,
“Healthy communication involves
listening with empathy, which means
you are able to express to a person that
you understand what it would be like
in their shoes.”
Mary* and Mark* (names changed)
have been happily married for seven
years but Mary feels that since her
mother-in-law expired one year back,
her marriage is about to crumble
anytime. “I can’t even speak to Mark
anymore; I remember we used to be
able to talk about anything. Now he
gets angry and impatient the moment I
bring up anything remotely important.
Or he shuts himself in his office and
Apr/May 2014