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“Through treatment you
can help to reduce the
associated loss of fluids
and salts. I encourage all
healthcare professionals
- including general
physicians and pharmacists
- to aid in breaking down
these barriers to treatment
by having open and honest
conversations with their
patients about digestive
health. And equally
important, patients should
feel comfortable speaking
with their doctors on the
topic, as the more details
you share, the better your
doctor can help to restore
your digestive balance.”
Dr. Al-Asadi
Exploring Treatment Options
There are many myths in the region
associated with the treatment of
digestive conditions. For example, some
patients believe diarrhea is a defense
mechanism which flushes out toxins and
pathogens in their body.
There are a variety of treatment options
available in the UAE for both acute and
chronic diarrhea, ranging from over the
counter Loperamide-based medications
to antibiotics to natural based remedies
such as charcoal. Research shows
natural absorbents, such as charcoal
provide little, if any, benefit to adults
suffering from diarrhea. However, it’s
important to speak to your pharmacist
or doctor to find the best treatment for
your symptoms. There are innovative
treatment options available and leaving
diarrhea untreated can worsen the
distress and discomfort of the individual
suffering and can lead to continued
abdominal pain and in some cases
Top Tips: Maintaining
Optimal Digestive Health
Dr. Al-Asadi recommends the below
steps to keep healthy throughout the
Be active
Physical activity speeds up digestion,
increases blood flow to all your
organs, and stimulates muscles in the
gastrointestinal tract, improving your
digestive health.
Stay hydrated
Drink plenty of water and other
healthy fluids, especially after
you exercise.There’s almost
nothing better for your overall
health than water.
Eat healthily
Make sure your diet is well balanced.
Eating slowly helps to avoid
uncomfortable indigestion and avoiding
foods that are spicy, rich or high in fat
will help reduce the chance of diarrhea
or constipation.
Keep a diary
Try writing down specifics about what
you’re eating, how you’re feeling, what
you’re doing, and how each of these
affects your digestive health. After a
couple of weeks, see if you notice any
patterns or perhaps triggers.
Apr/May 2014