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We wish to constantly improve
the quality and offer best
possible service to the patients
at all times. Affordable quality
healthcare has been the bottom-
line of our approach ever since
the hospital was set up over a
decade ago, says Akbar Moideen
Thumbay, Director Healthcare
Operations of Thumbay Group.
By joining this organization, we
wish to interact and exchange
ideas on good medical practices
with other leading hospitals
around world, he added.
AAHCI is creating new
frameworks and platforms for
discussion about policy that
will help all of us engage in
the mission of serving health
needs globally. The AAHCI
brings together leaders to share
knowledge about developing
partnerships with other
institutions in the developed
and developing world,
NRC has been organizing
a series of workshops in
collaboration with different
stakeholders to transfer its
expertise to them. These
two workshops were held in
collaboration with Fatima
College of Health Sciences and
the University of Aberdeen in
the UAE, respectively, where
joint efforts are being made to
develop the academic level of
nursing studies from its current
level of a diploma to a Masters
The training held at the
University of Aberdeen drew the
participation of NRC’s staff, the
university’s nursing professors
and medical researchers.
Participants discussed various
aspects of the disease of
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optimizing our capacity for
innovation and impact.
All academic health centers
innovate, but there is no need to
create every wheel from scratch.
AAHC International is a think
tank fostering an exchange of
experiences and best practices.
It also offers opportunities for
new and exciting partnerships
to develop.
Academic health centers
are increasingly seeking
better alignment among
their key components of
health professions education,
biomedical and clinical
research, and patient care. The
Association of Academic Health
Centers International is the
only international organization
representing all of these
missions of fully developed and
developing academic health
addiction, best treatment options
available, reasons for substance
abuse and the consequences
of addiction on an individual’s
health and on their families.
The training in Ajman focused
on methods for diagnosing and
monitoring addiction and the
importance of early detection in
addition to training attendees
on the Alcohol, Smoking
and Substance Involvement
Screening Test (ASSIST).
Participants - which exceeded
50 medical professionals
from 32 entities - were also
informed of the best methods
for assessing whether patients
needed be transferred from
primary healthcare centres and
hospitals to specialized addiction
treatment facilities.
Apr/May 2014
Abu Dhabi
The National Rehabilitation Center (NRC) held two workshops for
nursing and medical staff in Abu Dhabi and Ajman, particularly
individuals who are in direct contact with addiction patients. These
workshops are organized by the Institute of Training and Education
at NRC and are part of the center’s knowledge building campaign
to raise the standard of treatment for substance use patients across
the UAE.
Gulf Medical College Hospital and Research center Ajman, which
recently achieved International Accreditation from JCI International, has
added another feather in its cap by joining the international body AAHCI.
included a 49 per cent reduction
in major amputations or
death cause by diabetic foot
complications for the Vascular
department, the first internal
audit of locally collected data
on positive breast biopsies, and
the first use of an injectable
substance known as Definity
which helps to enhance the
resolution and definition of
community health campaigns.
Medical milestones for 2013
included the diagnosis in
April by the cardiac team of a
patient suffering from the very
rare Fabry’s disease, a genetic
illness which affects as few as
one in 140,000 people. Other
significant medical advances
Echocardiology images. In
addition, Mafraq Hospital was
the only SEHA establishment to
perform Renal Guard Therapy,
to prevent acute kidney failure.
Also for renal patients, a SEHA
dialysis pharmacy managed
by Mafraq Hospital opened in
April 2013, making securing
and prescriptions much simpler
for dialysis patients.
hospital’s achievements during
the year including the successful
diagnosis of a patient suffering
from a very rare medical
condition; the launch of the
first waste recycling initiative at
a SEHA facility; the successful
streamlining of operations
with Al Rahba Hospital; and
the launch of more than 17
Abu Dhabi - Mafraq Hospital,
owned and operated by the
Abu Dhabi Health Services
Company PJSC (SEHA),
today announced a series of
milestones achieved by the
hospital and its staff in 2013
across operational, medical,
environmental, educational
and community activities. The
Apr/May 2014