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It’s time to curb the worrying
dominance of obesity among
the UAE population, as the
obese people are at higher risks
of suffering from a range of
chronic, non-communicable
diseases such as hypertension,
type-2 diabetes, cardiac
disorders, metabolic disorders
and even some forms of cancer.
Obesity is a complex,
progressive, dangerous and
multi-factorial disease. The
condition is an accumulation
of excessive body fat to the
extent that it harms the health
over time. Various diseases are
linked with obesity and physical
Speaking at a press conference
in Dubai, Dr. Hussam Al
Trabulsi - Specialist Bariatric
Surgeon at Zulekha Hospital
Tourists from all over the world
are invited to join a “reality-
type” contest in which the
selected contestants undergo
makeovers including various
cosmetic surgery procedures.
There is a 5,000 US Dollars cash
prize up for grabs as well as a
chance to win luxury trips to
Thai tourist destinations.
Mr. Thawatchai Arunyik,
Governor of TAT said, “The
Thailand Extreme Makeover
campaign is a reality
competition that will not only
create awareness about Thailand
as a destination for medical
tourism and the excellence of
DUBAI: The alarming prevalence of obesity among the UAE residents would continue at higher levels,
if effective weight-loss management programmes have not been adopted to cover more patients, warn
healthcare experts.
Bangkok – The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has kicked off its new digital marketing campaign,
“Thailand Extreme Makeover” to promote the kingdom as a centre of medical tourism.
Dubai, Dr. T. Sathish Kumar-
Specialist Laparoscopic Surgeon
at Zulekha Hospital Sharjah
and Dr. Murtaza Pithawala-
Specialist General Surgeon at
Zulekha Hospital Dubai spelled
out the vital contributing factors
of obesity and ways to overcome
this condition.
The panel of experts from
Zulekha Healthcare Group
emphasized, “Diet and exercise
are the first treatment methods,
which require a person’s
determination and willingness
to maintain the new body
weight. Staying physically
active is inevitable to lose and
maintain body weight. People
lose the excessive bodyweight
by developing a healthy lifestyle,
should also practice healthy
eating behaviors along with
our medical facilities, but also
promote the kingdom as a travel
destination with something for
“Thailand already has a great
reputation for its excellence in
medical care and people come
here for operations of all kinds.
The expertise of our doctors and
wide range of procedures we can
offer are turning Thailand into
the “medical hub” of Asia.”
The “Thailand Extreme
Makeover” digital marketing
campaign will give anyone who
likes the idea of completely
changing their appearance, the
indulging in regular physical
“Losing weight is challenging,
yet maintaining body
weight is considered the
most challenging part of
weight-loss process. Usually,
weight-loss programmes
should be supervised by
health professionals to obtain
satisfactory result without
developing nutritional problem,”
advised Dr. Hussam.
“Weight-loss surgery offers one of
the best opportunities to improve
health and reduce obesity related
illnesses,” he added.
Dr. Sathish said, “Multiple
factors such as genetic, physical
inactivity, specific health
conditions, certain medications
and unhealthy lifestyle are
involved in the development
of obesity. However, sedentary
lifestyle has become the most
common and leading cause for
the prevalence of obesity. In fact,
excessive fat is generated when
calorie intake is much higher
than the calories utilized by the
body to provide energy.”
chance to do so at the hands of
skilled Thailand-based surgeons.
Anyone interested in joining
the campaign is invited to send
photos showing their face from
all angles – straight on; at the left
and right profile; from the back
and from above. Candidates also
need to include their personal
health profile and reasons
for wanting a makeover. The
judging committee, made up
of medical experts and beauty
surgeons, will then select three
(3) lucky candidates who will be
invited to Thailand for their life
– and face-changing trip.
Dubai, UAE: Obesity is known
to be one of the contributing
factors in sleep apnea.
Unfortunately, in the UAE,
this does not exclude children.
Due to the alarming number
of children now known to be
suffering from obstructive
sleep apnoea (OSA), this is
the main driving force behind
educational campaigns around
the condition.
Dr Stacey Ishman from the
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
Medical Centre, USA, and Dr
Michael Oko from the United
Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust &
Department of Health, UK, will
be discussing the incidence of
sleep apnoea in children and
how the condition should be
managed at the 11th Middle
East Update in Otolaryngology
Conference & Exhibition - Head
and Neck Surgery (ME-OTO)
“OSA is still a massive emerging
issue in the UAE along with
rising obesity levels; the
UAE needs a body like NICE
(National Institute for Clinical
Excellence) to recommend
with authority clinically
effective treatments for its own
population. Education about
health should start in schools
with advice about diet and
exercise,” says Dr Oko.
Experts suggest that children
suffering from OSA may
not produce enough growth
hormone, resulting in
abnormally slow growth and
development. It may also cause
the body to have increased
resistance to insulin or daytime
fatigue with decreases in
physical activity. These factors
can contribute to obesity. The
condition can be associated with
an increased risk of high blood
pressure or other heart and lung
Apr/May 2014