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From calcium to
Vitamin D and then
some, these days
there is a lot of hoopla
surrounding what
supplements we should
be taking and why.
separates the
facts from the fiction
when it comes to
Step into any pharmacy or health
food store and you will most likely be
amazed to see the hundreds of different
bottles of supplements out there. For
women, for men, for senior citizens
and children...The question that
remains is why do we really need them
to begin with? According to Dr. Negin
Afshar, a Family Medicine Specialist
at the Wellbeing Medical Centre
in Dubai, over the years, lives have
become busier in general and finding
the time to prepare well balanced and
nutritious meals is becoming more
challenging for families. “Also the
products we are cooking with are not
grown locally and are often genetically
modified using hormones or other
dangerous chemicals,” she says as well
as the glaring fact that a number of
us are turning to ready meals or fast
foods. “We like to buy whatever we
want anytime, no matter where it is
grown, or whether it is in season,” she
explains and this can involve freezing,
canning and transporting, all of which
can affect the nutritional value, as
can different types of cooking and
storing of food. Further elaborating,
Guillaume Safah, a Nutritionist and
Integrative Medicine Specialist at The
Antiaging Compounding Pharmacy
in Dubai Healthcare City explains that
the soil in most parts of the world is
also depleted of vital elements. These
are essential to produce a healthy plant
and can ultimately deplete our diet of
essential nutrients and hence the need
to supplementation.
Cooking Considerations
When adhering to the regimen of
balanced and healthy eating, Dr.
Afshar explains that we must consider
Apr/May 2014