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Brighten Your Hair
with Body Shop
Play with Color with the Body
Shop’s latest Limited Edition
Hair Chalks available in two
hair raising shades and is a
perfect way to brighten up
your hair without permanent
colour commitment. Be
playful, be fun and be
Dhs 49; Available at all
Body Shop retail outlets
Infuse Your LipsWith Color This
SpringWith Rouge Infusion
The Sephora Girl’s Lab has experimented to
create a lipstick that resembles a...test tube!
It features an incredible texture that gives
us the highly pigmented formula without
the old-fashioned over-creamy feel. This
lipstick is all about color and features
an almost undetectable texture, which
flawlessly disappears without looking
pale... available in 14 delicious shades.
Price TBA; Available at Sephora
Shiseido’s Future Solution LX Superior Radiance Serum
After 10 years of research, Shiseido brings you Future Solution LX Superior
Radiance Serum, for virtually flawless skin. Using Japanese Hanadama
pearls and the Secret Lustrous Dual-Action Technology, the Skingenecell 1P
fundamentally improves skin quality and resistance while the Pearl Hybrid
Complex purifies each cell and eliminates excess melanin to even and
brighten skin tone. The result? Skin so perfect you won’t need makeup!
Dhs 1992; Available in Paris Gallery
Get wow eyes that make a statement
with the latest Spring 2014 star
product; the new limited edition ARTY
BLOSSOM, the must-have eye shadow
palette which blends fresh colours close
to those found in nature to offer women
that luminous and contemporary look
of the season.
Dhs 200;available at Makeup
Forever Retail Outlets
Reveal Your most Perfect
Skin with Philosophy
Get instantly radiant skin for spring with
Philosphy’s Microdelivery Exfoliating
Pads which help smooth, hydrate and
condition the skin. These convenient and
portable micro delivery mini peel pads
exfoliate the skin in seconds and help
protect the skin from free radical attack
while providing excellent moisturizing
and emollient properties. The unique
combination of ingredients also contains
anti-inflammatory ingredients that help
soothe the skin and minimize redness.
Dhs 350; Available
exclusively at Sephora
Rejuvenate your skin with Obagi Vitamin C
Your must-have for clearer skin, the power packed Obagi
professional –C serum provides antioxidant protection while
the 10 percent L-ascorbic acid helps in defending against
damaging UVA and UVB rays. This wonder product also
helps prevent premature signs of aging such as fine lines and
wrinkles and contributes to collagen production. Suitable for
dry, sensitive or reactive skin, this perfect product enhances
UV protection and even helps to calm inflammation.
Dhs 275; Available at all major pharmacies across
the UAE and Obagi Medispa Dubai Mall
Apr/May 2014