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Upside Down Mascara
A new mascara with a
revolutionary application
technique; this is the Sephora
multi-application 360° mascara
with volumizing, curving and
lengthening action that we’ve
always dreamed of. With its dual
brush innovation, it delivers
3 makeup results and 3-in-1
application. The result is that
each and every lash is coated for
a super spring look.
Price TBA; available at
LUSH Rose Bubble Bar
This beautifully crafted bubble bar
is perfect for spring using rosehip
oil and cocoa butter grated into
the mixture provide the softening
properties; while rose and lemon
provide the fragrance.
Dhs 30; available at all LUSH
retail outlets
Let Your Nails Do
the TalkingWith OPI
From beautiful pastel
shades with fun names
like Coney Island Cotton
Candy, Passion and Bubble
Bath, the latest Spring 2014
nail polish collection by
OPI reflects the spirit of
the season; flirtatious and
fun, with loads of colors
to choose from. So this
season, let your nails do the
Dhs 49; available at
Nazih Trading
Beauty Blogger Victoria Hands Shares Some
of her Tried and Tested Makeup Tips:
MOISTURIZE! This is the most important
part of your whole make-up routine, especially when it
comes to looking more fresh faced. Make-up will be applied
much more flawlessly when your skin is drenched with

Opt for liquid concealer.
As you age you come across
more instances where your skin may need covering
up - under eye circles, dark spots, and so on--but thick
concealers can make you look older than you are and
accentuate fine lines.

Apply your makeup with a sponge.
Ideally you want
to get full coverage using as little concealer as possible,
which is why you should always use a (preferably damp)
sponge to apply your make-up. A sponge absorbs excess
foundation, while still covering up any unwanted blemishes.
Ditch your face power.
If you use colored face powder
all over your face, stop now. Again, you want to avoid the
appearance of caked on make-up at all costs. If you seriously
can’t go without powder, at least use a translucent one. 

While you’re at it, mix powders all together.
Powders build up. Skin looks healthiest with a dewy finish,
so instead opt for cream blushes/eyeshadows/bronzers.
Natural brows are key.
A more natural brow will
automatically make your whole face look younger, so be sure
not to use too dark or light of a pencil or powder, and cut
back on over tweezing. 

Curl your lashes.
As you get older, for some reason or
another, you lashes begin to straighten out. Keep that curl
going strong by using a quality eyelash curler.
Use an eye shadow primer.
Oily lids cause eye shadow
to slip and slide, which not only looks messy, but also makes
any fine lines more visible. Using an eye shadow primer will
make sure your shadow “sticks” in place.
Switch to browns.
Try swapping out your go-to black
mascara and liner for a more subtle shade of brown. It has
the same impact of black, yet is just a little bit less intense.
Step away from colored lips.
Unfortunately, as you
get older, you lips get smaller. That being said, you should
probably stick to lip colors that are close to your natural

Use a highlighter.
A highlighter, when applied at the
cheekbones, will give you a nice glow, as well as define your
face shape.
About Victoria Hands:
She Styles is headed and founded by freelance
makeup artist and fashion stylist Victoria Hands,
who is an in-demand, working makeup artist with
years of experience to her name as well as a weighty
portfolio of creative and commercial work. She
decided to create She Styles because she felt people
are faced with too many choices in today’s world,
from tens of thousands of products to millions of
pieces of content such as blogs, magazines and places
like YouTube. Some of these questions include, ‘how
do I discover the latest looks and trends? ‘how do I
recreate these?’ ‘which products are right for me?’
And ‘how do I connect with people similar me?’ simplifies these choices by aggregating
all this information and filters against your beauty
profile, the choices and views of influencers, style
experts and your friends, providing a personalized
Apr/May 2014