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Apr/May 2012
Healthy Habits
for Your Family’s
Overall Wellbeing
Guide to
Habits to
Your Family’s
Obesity is an epidemic not only for adults
but also for children
Children these days
are in danger of developing illnesses that
are more typical of someone three or
four times their age
Tis includes high
blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, metabolic
syndrome and others
It could be that the
current generation of children has a lower
life expectancy than their parents
Something has to change and right now
Te family is in danger in more ways than
Obesity is just the tip of the iceberg
Tere are also communication issues that
can’t seem to jump the generation gap
In order to be healthy, the family needs
to embrace not only the physical but also
the emotional and social wellbeing
this report you will learn how to develop
healthy habits in every arena of your
family’s life, for overall wellbeing that will
carry all of you into future stages of your
Keep reading to learn
more about:
* Where to begin with the changes
* How to identify unhealthy habits
* Healthy eating habits
* Healthy exercise habits
* Family social activities
* Family communication skills
Your family
needs you.
So, let’s get