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Where to Begin
We know that our families are not where
they should be health
But, the biggest
obstacle to moving forward is lack of
Where do you start when you
want to make healthy changes across the
Hold a family meeting
Give everyone a
pencil and piece of paper
Ask them a few
questions that will give you the preliminary
answers you need to get this ball rolling
* What would you like to
change about yourself?
* Do you have healthy eating
* What do you like about
your family?
* What do you dislike about
your family?
* What do you like to do for
* What sorts of activities do
you do with your family?
* Do you talk to your
person needs to
answer as honestly
as they can. In order to
change, you have to know
what needs to be changed.
No matter how painful the
answers are, you can now
start discussing
Apr/May 2012 9
Here are some ways that
we perpetuate the silence.
What is
making us
The Obesity
We have already discussed that kids are
sufering from obesity as well
But what is
contributing to this trend? Here are a few
important points that include unhealthy
habits that need a new look
School lunches -
Schools ofer
sodas, vending machines and fast food
fare to kids for lunch in middle school and
high school
It is up to them to turn down
fattening choices for healthier fare but
we haven’t always given them the tools to
choose wisely
No physical education -
Depending on your school district, kids are
not required to take a physical education
class each year
Tis limits the amount of
activity that they get each day
Identifying Unhealthy Habits
One of the frst steps to take is to identify the habits that you need to
change along with the ones that you want to change
Here are some of
the habits many of us have cultivated that need a makeover, so that our
families can lead a healthier life with a sense of purpose
Electronics -
Te increase in video
games, remote controls, home video
rentals, personal computers and other
devices don’t inspire our kids to get of the
In fact, it doesn’t inspire parents
to move once they get home
A sedentary
lifestyle further increases the weight gain
Eating processed foods -
kitchen is becoming a ghost town in many
For busy families, eating fast food
and frozen meals is what a family meal
is all about
It is quick and easy but not
necessarily nutritious
Tis decreases the
nutritional value the body receives each
The Lack of
Tere has always been a gap between
parents and teenagers
As kids get older,
they believe that their parents get dumber
Tis isn’t true, but the beat goes on
But, the communication gap goes beyond
the natural divide
Many of us are just not
talking anymore
Te fact that parents and
kids need each other hasn’t changed, so
that means that something else must have
Television -
Everyone is sitting in
front of the television instead of talking
to each other
In fact, most homes have
at least two televisions
And, many kids
have televisions in their rooms
With each
person watching television in a separate
room, there isn’t even any eye contact
between family members