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Apr/May 2012
Technology -
Again, the culprit
is electronic
Even at the dinner table,
many kids
and sometimes parents
answering and sending text messages
cell phone is never far from our hand
communicate through bits of information
and not actual face
face talking
It has
turned the world and the home into an
impersonal place
Scheduling -
Busy schedules
can have anyone harried
Te kids have
aferschool sports; mom has a book club
meeting; dad has a meeting at work
Everyone gets picked up at a diferent time
and when you fnally get home, you sleep
or retire to your own corners without a
If it’s not on the schedule some
people won’t do it, like sitting down for a
Eating Habits
We have already discussed what we
shouldn’t do any more
But, the way to
get rid of an unhealthy habit is to replace
it with a healthy one
So, here we go with
some ideas that will help
Drink lots of water -
gives your body an internal shower
body is over ffy percent water so it needs
a lot
Whenever you sweat, urinate or just
move through the day, you are losing water
that you need to replenish
Sodas just make
you thirsty and spike your blood sugar
Tey are empty calories that can add up
One can of soda yields about 120
or more calories
Read nutritional labels -
Tey give valuable information about fats,
sugars, carbohydrates, protein and calories
Find out how much you need each day and
how much a serving of a particular food
You may be surprised how many
Ways to return
to a healthy
take a turn cooking their favorite healthy
meal for the group
Plan ahead -
Do as much prep
work as you can for meals ahead of time
Fix lunch at night for the next day
veggies for omelets and add
ins for
Use a weekend day to cook
meals and freeze them
Ten mealtime is
as easy as defrosting and warming in the
Eat at least one meal a day
together -
It might be unrealistic to
expect the family to eat together during the
day but make a pact to eat dinner together
each night
Tis sets up a precedent that
you will want to continue
Set limits on media -
people gain a lot of calories because they
are mindlessly eating while watching
television or on the computer
Set limits
depending on age or grades
on the time
spent with electronic activity each day
leaves time for other activities
calories you give up in snacks, sodas and
other convenient foods
Keep only foods in
the house that are wholesome
Cook together -
Kids learn about
cooking and nutrition from their family
Both parents and kids can learn together
Also, you know what is in your meal
when you make it at home
Buy healthy
cookbooks to learn how to substitute
healthier fare for your favorites
example is making a homemade pizza with
wheat crust and your favorite fresh veggies
and lean meats
Let each family member