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Apr/May 2012 11
Physical Activity
Exercise is important
families don’t get any activity each day
may not afect a young person but it will
catch up with you sooner than you
think if you currently
have a sedentary
Get your
family moving
One of
the biggest
to consistent
exercise is lack of accountability
When a family exercises together they help
each other to stay motivated and stick with
Someone is always there to push you
to go the extra mile and get the best from
yourself that you can
Find an activity that you like
If you like what you are doing you will
continue to do it
If everyone likes to ride
bikes that is one way to get at least 30
minutes of exercise each day
And, when
it’s fun, then it feels efortless
Family Activities
Here is your chance to
prove that it’s true
aside family time allows the
family to appreciate and
get to know each other
might be a bit challenging
to get this going at frst,
but everyone will be glad
of the efort when it gets
Here are some tips
to begin
Set aside a day to do it -
Some have family game night or you can
use Saturday morning
If teenagers have
jobs or commitments with friends, let them
know that family time is set each week and
not up for negotiation
You can have a
revolving family day each week if you want
to accommodate everyone
Choose activities you can
do as a family -
Since you have
begun an exercise program together, this
is separate
You don’t have to do anything
exercise related
Come up with more
Here are some suggestions for
family physical activity:
After dinner walk -
Afer your
family dinner, throw the dishes in the
dishwasher and take a stroll around the
Tis also gives you time
to discuss your day or talk about family
vacation plans
Bike ride in the park -
can do it afer dinner or for a weekend
exercise activity
Head to your favorite park
and put that helmet on
Have a contest to
see who is the fastest
Make it fun
Use the back yard -
says that a family can’t play kickball or
volleyball together? A pick
up game can be
arranged anytime
In the evening, a good
run will tire the little ones out so they sleep
through the night
Take an exercise class
together -
If you want something
new to do, take a dance class together
hottest thing these days is Zumba ftness
It is a combination of Latin, hip
hop, and
salsa dancing with other moves thrown in
It is contagious and can burn as much as
1,000 calories in an hour
Take turns choosing
activities -
Tis way each person gets
a chance to try something new
How about
rollerblading or jogging or basketball?
When everyone is involved, they feel
Many families don
communicate anymore
keep a lot of things to ourselves
because we haven
t set aside
time for this type of face
Parents and kids can
learn so much from each other
when they actually sit down and
Here are some tips to help
foster good communication
skills in a family
Set aside family meeting
time -
Tis is when everyone can talk
about what is bothering them
Parents can
also bring up any fnancial issues that afect
the entire household
Any questions that
need discussing can be brought up and
Tere is no time limit on family
meeting time
When everyone has had
their say, the meeting can end
creative ideas
Here are a few
see a movie,
see a play, go bowling, go camping, game
night or play an interactive video game like
the Wii
Create a bedtime routine -
For little kids, this could mean a story at
bedtime before they get tucked under the
For older kids it could be a talk
about their day on the couch before retiring
to their room
say that
the family
that plays
together stays