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Apr/May 2012
As part of a family, each person has
a responsibility for their place in
the home
Tere can be problems
when one person is doing all of the
It is usually mom, but it is
important to teach responsibility
to the kids that will help them to
be good citizens and parents when
they grow up
Chores -
A chore is something that is
done by kids as a payback for their space
in the house
It could be taking out the
trash, cleaning their room, washing clothes,
washing dishes, dusting or any number of
Chores not only teach responsibility,
but also life skills
Work for money -
Your child’s
frst job can be working for you
their chores, give them other jobs that they
can do to earn money
Again, they learn the
value of hard work and a job well done
can include gardening, mowing the lawn,
washing the car, etcetera
Consequences -
consequences, kids never learn the cost of
not shouldering their responsibility
they break curfew, there is a penalty
chores aren’t done, there is also a penalty
Discuss the penalty system before instituting
it so everyone is on the same page
penalty choice can depend on age of the
Use proper communication
skills -
Observe certain rules when
communication with family
First, show
respect to the person talking
Listen to
what they have to say and don’t interrupt
State your opinion in simplest terms
Be sure that everyone understands what
you are actually saying so there are no
Offer appreciation -
we are family we ofen forget that
appreciation is needed here too
If your
kids do something nice for you, express
your gratitude
Te same goes for kids
appreciating their parents
Parents and kids
can show appreciation and respect to each
other, too
A few simple words can increase
the bond between all of you for a stronger
family unit
A healthy family means a lot of things. We frst think about eating
well. That is a big part of it considering the epidemic of obesity
these days. But, it is just the beginning. Overall wellbeing also
involves the emotional, social and physical side.
Talking with your kids
may be difficult at first but
it is worth the effort. The
important things they need to
learn, you want them to learn
from you. Also, communication
teaches them how to work
through their problems
with you and not
against you.
Finally, teaching responsibility
for life is essential to overall
Set up chores and a
penalty system to teach them that
there are consequences in life
Every family
can improve
and use this
report as a
to better
habits for a
healthy life
now and in
the future