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Apr/May 2012 15
Chocolate really
does make you
feel good, too. It is
known to stimulate
the secretion
of endorphins,
producing a
sensation similar to
the “runner’s high”
a jogger feels after
running several
miles. Chocolate
also contains a
serotonin that
acts as an anti-
depressant. Studies
in England show
that even the aroma
of chocolate gives
a bout of euphoria
and will help lift the
believed to help reduce the risk of heart
disease by helping prevent atherosclerosis
Te favanols in chocolate appear to help
the body use nitric oxide, which is crucial
for healthy blood fow and blood pressure,
which means that chocolate might help
reduce hypertension as well
Red wine is know for
its high phenol content,
but an average bar of
dark chocolate contains
more phenols than 8
ounces of red wine
Scientists at Cornell
University and Seoul
National University
examined the cancer
fghting antioxidant
content of hot cocoa,
red wine, and tea,
and found that cocoa
had nearly double the
antioxidants of red wine
and four to fve times
more than tea
Holland’s National Institute of Public
Health and Environment found that dark
chocolate contains 53.5 mg of catechins
per 100 grams
. (
Catechins are the powerful
antioxidants that fght against cancer and
help prevent heart disease
By contrast, a
cup of black tea contains only about 14 mg
of catechins and green tea has about 30 mg
of catechins
A study at University of California Davis
found that participants who ate chocolate
showed a reduction in platelet activity
means that chocolate has an anti
thinning efect that can be compared
to aspirin
A Harvard University study of 8,000, with
an average age of 65, revealed that those
who consumed chocolate lived almost
a year longer than those who did not
Tose who ate one to three candy bars
per month had a 36 percent lower risk of
compared to the people who ate no
, while those who ate three or more
So go ahead and indulge in a little chocolate, in
moderation of course
I would recommend that you
try to fnd organic chocolate, and stick with darker
chocolate because it has more chocolate favonoids and
less sugar
. (
Sugar weakens the immune system; so don’t
consume sugar if you are ill
And a little bit of milk
chocolate is alright when you need an occasional milk
chocolate brainpower boost, such as before a test
candy bars per week had a 16 percent lower
A study of older men in Te Netherlands,
known for its chocolate, showed that those
who ate the most chocolate, an equivalent
of one
third of a chocolate bar every day,
had lower blood pressure and a 50 percent
lower risk of death
Te researchers also
noted the men eating the most cocoa
products were not heavier or bigger eaters
than the men who ate less cocoa
And it’s not just dark chocolate that is the
only healthy type of chocolate
Most studies
talk about the benefts of dark chocolate,
but some of the most recent news about
chocolate includes good news for milk
chocolate lovers, who have been lef out in
the past
Te Wheeling Jesuit University in West
Virginia did a study that shows that milk
chocolate seems to boost brainpower
groups in the test consumed, on diferent
occasions, milk chocolate, dark chocolate,
carob and nothing
Ten they were tested
for cognitive performance including
memory, attention span, reaction time, and
problem solving
According to Dr
Bryan Raudenbush,
“Composite scores for verbal and visual
memory were signifcantly higher for milk
chocolate than the other conditions
” Te
study also found that consumption of milk
and dark chocolate was associated with
improved impulse control and reaction
It seems that by consuming chocolate
you get stimulating efects from substances
found in chocolate, such as theobromine
and phenylethylamine, which then lead to
increased mental performance
And now people are looking at chocolate
for skin care
According to Marlies
Spinale, director of Tru Spa, “Like many
other antioxidants, cocoa polyphenols
are thought to ofer the skin protection
from free
radical damage caused by sun,
pollution, stress, alcohol consumption and
other factors
I believe that we will hear
more about the benefts of chocolate in skin
Some people have been avoiding chocolate
because one of the main ingredients of
chocolate is cocoa butter
It was thought
that it was an unhealthy fat, but actually
cocoa butter is not unhealthy
It is made
up of the benefcial fatty acids
oleic acid
a heart
healthy monounsaturated fat also
found in olive oil
, stearic and palmitic
Stearic and palmitic acids are healthy
forms of saturated fat
Plus chocolate
contains vitamins A, B1, C, D, and E, as
well as potassium, sodium, and iron