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Apr/May 2012 21
1. The Bridge Butt
Lift Sounds like
a plastic surgery
technique but it is an
easy way to tone your
Lay down with
feet fat on the foor, legs shoulder width
Place your hands, palm side down,
on either side of your body
Pushing with
your feet, squeeze your gluteal muscles
and lif your butt of the foor
Hold the
position for a count of fve to ten and
release down to the foor
2. Squats - Squats
work the butt, the
hamstring muscles
and the quadriceps.
If you aren
t sure of proper form, you can
use a chair
Stand with feet shoulder width
apart and feet frmly planted
Push your
butt back as if you were preparing to sit
in a chair
Keep your abs tight and your
upper body straight
Once you reach chair
level stop and hold the position for a count
of two to fve and release
At the lowest
point, place all of your weight on your heels
for balance and maximum toning
3. Reverse Lunges
- Lunges work the
quadriceps muscles.
Tey can be hard for people with knee
A reverse lunge still tones the
right muscle groups but with less pressure
on the knee
Stand with feet together
and arms at your sides
Take one leg and
move it backwards until you are in lunge
front leg bent at a 90 degree angle
and back leg extended until you are on the
ball of your foot
From this position lower
yourself down until the back knee almost
touches the foor
Hold for a count of two
and return to starting position
4. Pushups - This
is a classic toning
exercise that works
all areas of the
arms plus the chest
If you aren
t comfortable
or strong enough to perform a pushup on
your toes, lower your body to your knees
Be sure your arms are tucked into the body
and your back straight as you lower and lif
your body
Weight bearing
exercises aren’t just for
bodybuilders. As you age,
especially once you hit
the age of forty, you begin
to lose muscle mass. For
women especially, bone
loss becomes a problem.
When the body is in
need of calcium it can
rob it from your bones.
Building muscle not only
increases their mass but
your strength.
5. Crunches -
Abdominal muscles
can be worked every
day to build strength
and muscle tone.
on the foor in sit up position, lace your
fngers behind your head
Squeezing your
abdominal muscles, lif your upper body
until your lower back is about to come of
the foor
Hold for two to fve counts and
return to starting position
Tese fve exercise moves
can be done whenever
you have time
Te best
thing about exercise
is that its efects are
Even fve or
ten minutes at a time will
work to your advantage
Here are five
easy toning
exercises that
can be done
anywhere and
whenever you
have time.
At home, at the
offce, or on
vacation, you
can do these easy
yet extremely