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Cavities lead to serious
problems, but how do
they actually form? Te
teeth exterior is covered
with frm enamel made
of mineralized fascicles
Tis surface is coated by
an acid substance that
infltrates between the
fascicles while eating
Bacteria are now settled
in your mouth and
unfortunately so too is
the bad breath
Fluoride toothpastes, mouthwash or
drinkable water that contain four
are a great source for solving dental
You should test the water
you usually consume and fnd out its
four concentration
If the amount of
four found is not adequate, doctors can
prescribe a medical treatment, which
mimics the same efects, otherwise, the
problem of tooth decay and cavities may
become serious
Mouthwash, special
medicine drops or even tablets can end the
teeth damage process
If you think you are developing cavities,
see your dentist as soon as possible
Superfcial cavities will eventually deepen,
reaching into the root of the tooth and
causing the pulp to become infected
dental abscess may then appear causing
you to sufer great pain and bad breath due
to the tooth being surrounded by a smelly
pus bag
Pus appears because the body starts
producing antibodies to fght the infection
Bacteria will spread infection in the tissue
surrounding the tooth and consequently
spread an annoying bad smell in your
Your breath will become unbearable
because the gums afected can deviate from
the tooth and the space between them can
collect particles of the food that you eat
which can later form bacteria
A dental
abscess can also seriously afect the bone
tissue surrounding the teeth
Some of the symptoms to look out for are
throbbing toothaches, especially during
eating, red or swollen gums, fever or a bad
taste in your mouth
You may also notice a
tooth color change to grey or pink
A bulge on the gum near the tooth can
form and a considerable amount of yellow
pus or blood may ooze from the red,
bulging zone
As the infection spreads the ache may
decrease and this is the efect of bone tissue
When losing this tissue the
tooth is poorly fxed and may be dislodged
A medical exam is mandatory in this
I think we will all agree afer reading
the above that regular dental checkups
are necessary to save us from the
embarrassment of bad breath and the
excruciating pain of an infected tooth
A dentist may inspect the oral
cavity to identify the swollen
gums or other infection signs that
suggest a dental abscess
A dental
radiography may also be necessary
Te dentist will make an informed
decision on what antibiotics should
be used to eliminate the infection
Tey may also need to make an
incision on the upper or backside
of the tooth to drain the infection
If necessary, they can also make
an incision on the bulging zone to
drain the infection
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