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Apr/May 2012
Get Fit
Too Much
Time and
In addition they do not have the resources to pay for gym
membership and buy necessary equipments. Individuals
who are faced with this dilemma may engage in circuit
training program for their health goals.
Some individuals
who want to stay
fit do not have
the luxury to
spend time doing
Te high
tech, high speed nature of 21st
Century living has made exercise and other
physical activities that promote health
and longevity a rarity
In a more accurate
sense, it can be said that physical ftness is
commonly pushed down below a long list
of daily priorities at work and in school
Due to their hectic schedules, many people
are now seeking ways to improve their
physique, develop their muscles, and
eliminate stress without consuming too
much time
An alternative to workout
without spending too much time is
engaging in a training program called
circuit training
Tis kind of training keeps
aims to push the body aerobically and
challenge strength
An example of circuit
training may include about fve minutes of
jumping rope followed by push
ups and ab