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Apr/May 2012
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Te Sofsole Shoe Freshener
Sneaker Balls are an inexpensive
way of keeping your sneakers
smelling clean and deodorised
Tere is nothing worse than foul
smelling odors coming from your
favorite and well
worn shoes
Sofsole Shoe Freshener Sneaker
Balls are ping
pong ball size
plastic balls with smiley faces on
Tey also come in other
designs, i
black with skull print
and soccer balls
Twist the ball to release the
deodorizer and tuck it into your
shoes, lockers, sports bags or other
“smelly” places
In my opinion, the Sofsole Shoe
Freshener Sneaker Balls are an
inexpensive way of reducing
unpleasant odors coming from
Sufering from smelly feet can
be quite embarrassing at times
Especially in the summertime
when it is hot and feet start
sweating, the odor can be
quite strong
Tere are various
options on the market you can
try to reduce nasty smells from
overheated feet and sweaty shoes
One of them is Dr Scholl’s Odor
Destroyers Shoe Shot Deodorant
Te powder is applied to the inside
of your shoes using the pufer
action of the gooseneck bottle,
which makes it easy to angle and
puf the powder You only need to
give the bottle a gentle squeeze,
as otherwise, you’ll fnd that
too much of the powder comes
shooting out
Te product has a
bit of a clinical and hospital smell
to it, but it does absorb the foul
Te “Outsmart Your Worry Tool
Kit for Kids Ages 11
18” is, in
my opinion, a really efective tool
kit for your pre
like adults worry a lot these days
If you have a worried teenager,
you know how difcult it is, as a
parent, to dispel their anxiety and
fears about certain issues
can worry about lots of things,
such as friends, peer pressure,
school and exams, their future,
illness, dangers etc
with the right stress
and empowering tools, your
teenager will be able to step above
the worry and start to be more
confdent in facing their fears and
Eat to Beat High Blood Pressure
is a fantastic cookbook packed
with over 300 delicious recipes
If you have decided to introduce
a healthier, heart
friendly diet
in your family, this is a good
cookbook to own
Each recipe
shows a nutritional analysis and
also gives helpful tips and advice
Te photographs in the book are
lovely to look at and will make
your mouth water
In addition to the recipes, the
book also gives information on
the Dash Plus Plan
Dash stands
for Dietary Approaches to Stop
Hypertension and are well
established eating guidelines
on how to reduce high blood
In addition to these
guidelines, there is even more
advice on how to enjoy a healthy
blood pressure
Lowering blood pressure can be
If you or anybody
in your family sufers from high
blood pressure or just wants to
live a healthy lifestyle by eating
delicious and heart
friendly food,
this cookbook is certainly worth
I am sure you’ll fnd
lots of recipes inside the book
that will become your family’s
favorites over the years
Sofsole Shoe Freshener Sneaker Balls
Dr Scholl’s Odor Destroyers
Shoe Shot Deodorant Powder
Outsmart Your Worry Tool Kit for Kids.
Ages 11
Powerful, award
winning Resolution for anxiety, fear,
worry, and stress in teens
High School
MiddleSchool Edition
with Case
Eat to Beat High Blood Pressure
gym shoes, sneakers and other
places in need of deodorizing
I am sure you’ll smell the
diference in no time
If your
daughter is of to college
soon, you should think about
packing a set of these shoe
fresheners into their college
It’ll keep dorm rooms from
smelling like a gym
odor of feet
and shoes
Te only
I can think
of is the fact
that this
slightly to
the socks that you are wearing,
so be aware of this when walking
around in your socks
product contains cornstarch and
zinc oxide, which keeps the odor
at bay and your shoes
feet dry
and deodorised
If you sufer from
uncomfortable sweaty feet and
associated embarrassing odor,
then you should defnitively give
Dr Scholl’s Odor Destroyers Shoe
Shot Deodorant Powder a try
Te kit is made out of 20 cards
with diferent and easy to learn
coping skills and techniques
cover the most common fears and
worries of teenagers these days and
give appropriate coping techniques
in easy to understand language
Tis card set will defnitively
appeal to your youngster
card looks like, and is, the size
of a CD with attractive, colorful
Te cards are contained in
a “CD” case that can be zipped up
for easy storage
As parents, we don’t want our
teenagers to worry and fear about
their future and everyday life
would do anything to help them
grow more confdent in coping
with their worries and fears
my opinion, the “Outsmart Your
Worry Tool Kit” is certainly worth
investing in to help your teen on
the way to becoming a happy and
confdent young adult