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Apr/May 2012 43
Vaccinations are
necessary to keep baby
healthy as they grow.
Sometimes, babies can
have adverse reactions
to the injections.
Here are some ways
to alleviate the
Side Efects
Whenever you take your child to get an
immunization, they make you aware of
the risks and potential reactions your child
might have
Most are mild and related to
the process
Your child may develop
a headache from certain vaccinations
a baby this may be characterized by high
pitched crying
Doctors recommend using
counter pain relievers such as
Tylenol to ease the pain
Injection site reaction
can also be a localized reaction on the skin
at the point of injection
Tis can include
swelling, redness, rash and pain
you can give them Tylenol for the pain
soothing bath may also stop the swelling
A child may also experience
fever from one or more of their
A cool bath can make
them feel better when they are hot
compresses on their forehead may help
break the fever as well
If this occurs, try giving
your baby more fuids
Babies that
breastfeed ofen will feed more afer
reactions to immunizations
If they are not
breastfed and can
t keep down formula,
try Pedialyte to replenish fuid levels in the
Sometimes, plain water in the bottle
can work to introduce more fuids back
into the body
Let your doctor know if your
baby starts to get dehydrated
If there is a reaction to the immunization it
will occur usually within one to three days
afer the injection
Fussy crying that can
t be
soothed is a sign
Call your doctor and let
them know what is going on
Tey can advise
what dosage of pain reliever to give your
child based on their age and medical history
Serious side efects are not common
Vaccinations are safe and have been tested
If your child sufers from many allergies,
however, be sure to make your doctor
aware before vaccinations occur
If an
adjustment needs to be made they can
do so, but the chances of anything overly
serious happening as a result of being
vaccinated are rare
plain water in
the bottle can work
to introduce more
fuids back into
the body.
There are no cures for
viruses. We just have to treat
the symptoms. Vaccinations
can reduce the incidence of
these diseases ever occurring
to your child.