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Eco-Friendly Tip:
Turn off the tap
A simple but useful tip, says Habiba Al Marashi,
Chairperson in Emirates Environmental Group
in Dubai (EEG) is to turn the water off while you
brush your teeth. “This alone can save four gallons
a minute and also to avoid the nuisance of a leaky
tap, put food colouring in your toilet tank,” she
says as if it seeps into the toilet bowl, you have a
leak. It’s easy to fix, and you can save more than
600 gallons a month.
Save electricity
Simple things like switching off the lights when
you leave the room can make a difference. “Use
energy saving light bulbs, they last up to 10 times
longer than ordinary bulbs,” says Al Marashi.
Always remember to wash clothes in cold water
and use hot water only for very dirty loads. Aim to
do only full laundry loads however, if you must do
smaller loads, adjust the water level in the washing
machine to match the load size, especially when
using hot water. Use bath towels at least twice
before washing them. And most importantly, take
advantage of UAE’s naturally sunny climate and
dry laundry outdoors.
Reuse and Recycle
Instead of throwing out old food which ultimately
makes dangerous gas methane, turn it into
compost for your garden. Glass too is one hundred
percent recyclable and once melted, can be re-
used. Textiles can even be shredded and the fibres
made into new fabrics. (Source: Recycle Dubai)
Say no to plastic
Did you know that plastic takes one thousand
years to decompose and paper bags use 14 million
trees a year? Instead, switch to reusable grocery
bags. For plastic bags, recycle them by using them
as bin liners and to store food.
Download Your Music/Movies
CD cases are often made with polyvinyl chloride,
which doesn’t recycle easily so instead, download
new music which reduces production costs and
energy. It also reduces packaging and CDs that end
up in the landfill.
Use Natural Cleaning
Saadiya Ahmad, a journalist from Sharjah
switched to natural cleaning products recently; “I
use vinegar to clean glass surfaces and lemon juice
for grease,” she explained. To clean a murky toilet,
pour a can of Coke down it and let it sit; flush
and watch the stains disappear! (Source: www.
Lose the Paper
In Elizabeth Rogers “The Green Book”, one of
the easiest tips is giving up one paper napkin a
day. You’ll save a billion pounds of paper waste in
landfills a year.
Car Pool
Avoid driving to work alone; Marianne Walters
from Dubai says she has ditched her car except for
weekend outings. “I realized that several colleagues
live nearby so we’ve started ride sharing,” she says,
adding, “I love not having the headache of daily
LUSH Dry Shampoo ‘No Drought’ is a great
product to use as an occasional alternative to
shampoo with ingredients such as corn flour and
talc to absorb excess oil and fragrance from natural
ingredients such as delicious smelling lemon,
grapefruit and lime oils.
May/June 2013
Save electricity with your
Decrease your brightness
Research has found that power consumption can
be as much as halved by simply dropping the
screen brightness. For example, an LG L192WS
19-inch LCD monitor consumes 32.4W with the
brightness at 100 percent and just 15.1W with the
brightness at 0 percent.
Switch everything off
at the wall
A standard business PC or LCD monitor and
printer has a power consumption of approximately
9W. Each PC/monitor/printer combo switched off
at the wall would save for the conservative eight
hours a night they’re not used, saving 26.28 kilo-
watt-hours per year.
Turn off your PC after work
According to power consumption tests, the average
PC consumes approximately just over 100-watts.
Add to that a typical 19-inch LCD screen and you
increase that by another 40-watts.If you choose a
conservative time frame of 12 hours that a PC is
left on and not being used, you can cut the power
consumption down from 140-watts combined to
around 8W.