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is exacerbated when it comes to somebody
working on his or her mouth. They can’t see
what the doctor is doing and it is sometimes
uncomfortable and they may be afraid that it
will be painful. Also, they may feel nervous
being away from their parents and having
strangers hovering above them. Fortunately,
the type of dentist who specializes in working
with kids does a lot to alleviate these fears.
First of all they often have
entertainment for the kids to watch
or listen to while they are worked on.
This is great because in many ways the sound
is the most frightening part. Many clinics have
begun mounting televisions in the ceiling
to allow the kids to watch cartoons even
though they are reclined in the examination
chair. Often there will be a headphone jack
in the armrest or near the chair so that each
patient can listen to their own thing without
disturbing each other or the people working.
A really good pediatric dentist goes
out of his way to get to know his
patient before they have to go get
worked on.
For example he may come out
and sit in the lobby with them or he will bring
them into his office to calm them down and let
everyone get to know each other better. Then
when the time comes there will be less fear of
someone the child doesn’t know. Also, some
offices allow a parent to come back and sit near
by to comfort and hold a hand if need be.
Of course if you ask a kid what the
best part of going to the dentist is
they will tell you it is the sticker and
toy they get at the end.
Many children’s
clinics offer a prize or a reward for being a
good patient. Usually it is a sticker or small
toy that they can select from a treasure chest.
This allows them to think about the reward at
the end instead of being worried about what is
going on in their mouth.
Parents know it is important to
help maintain the highest quality of
health for their child.
That is why they
are so diligent about taking them to see the
pediatrician if they are running a fever or to
the emergency room if they fall off the swing
set. They also help to instill good oral hygiene
by purchasing toothbrushes and mouthwash
and demonstrating how to correctly use them.
Another important factor is to take them see a
pediatric dentist regularly for them to have the
check ups that they need.
Having a family dentist is crucial
for the health of young people.
children have fears and phobias that going
to any medical professional is scary. This
A good pediatric dentist
can be a great support
in helping kids have the
best oral health possible.
They offer a number
of perks over a regular
care provider.
A Dentist Just
May/June 2013