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May/June 2013
Living Healthy and
while Aging
Excise has proven to keep a body fit. Exercise
helps them to live a long productive life. As we
grow older, the bodily functions decline. If a
person fails to stay active in their lifetime, the
aging process speeds up full force ahead. If you
work out when you are young, you will feel
good for a long time to come.
Exercise should include cardiovascular
workouts. Aerobics is a great workout that
helps you to work the heart. The workout will
increase your heart rate as well as pump your
blood so that it flows smoothly to the heart.
You will also need to build strength to prevent
injured joints. You may enjoy weightlifting to
achieve a resistance workout.
Studies have shown that those working out
with weights can live a long and productive
life. Experts conducted a study while dividing
three clusters of men, which one group had
a higher resistance since they lifted weights.
The second group failed, as did the third
grouping of men, since these people had little
activities going in their life. The cluster of men
where asked to walk a great distances and at
a particular length. During the study experts
found that those who worked out had lower
cholesterol levels. Those who did not workout
had a higher level of cholesterol. According
to the experts and study results resistance
workout can enforce freedom of blood flow
and increasing improvement of overall
Weightlifting has proven to boost metabolism,
which gives person energy. In addition, the
workouts will strengthen the muscles and
provide you with the will to carry on through
life while enjoying endurance. Those who fail
to workout should be alert that the density
of bones decrease. Once the bones density
decreases the blood will slowly channel to the
heart, which puts you at risk of heart disease.
Weightlifting has proven to decline the risks
of high cholesterol. In addition, working out
will slow the aging process. When weightlifting
however, one should go at their own pace. It
is unwise to lift more weights that you can
handle. If you are working toward resistance,
keep the weights low and the repetitions up.
Repetitions on low-density weight scales will
suffice, unless you plan to become the next
bodybuilder. When working out you should
have someone with you in the event the
weights are too strong. Having support at your
side will protect you from injuries.
Dieting to live a healthy
aging life:
When aging begins in our youth, we start to
lose fibers, vitamins, and other nutrients. In
addition, the dying cells increase while the
living cells decrease. For these reason you,
want to add supplements or vitamins to your
daily diet. A person should incorporate at
least 30 grams of healthy fibers in their diet
daily. Fiber will help reduce risks, such as heart
Changing your diet now can help you stay
on schedule as you age. Some people find it
difficult to change their diet, since they are use
to fast foods, or unstable meal plans. You want
to set a scheduled diet, eating three healthy
meals daily.
You will notice improvement by making your
diet a goal, plan, and scheduled duty.
We need to make many changes as we are
aging to live a longer lifespan. When setting
your diet consider grains, fibers, proteins,
and so on. Eat plenty of veggies and fruits
whenever feasible. Veggies and fruits are
known to reduce the risks of diabetes, high
cholesterol, heart disease and even cancer.
Fibers will assist in keeping your cholesterol
and sugar level in accord with its natural