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May/June 2013
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Dubai, UAE:
Boehringer Ingelheim’s respiratory forum
highlights 1.9%1 of UAE’s population
suffers from Chronic Obstructive
Pulmonary Disease
Promoting Men’s Health
Mafraq Hospital conducts men’s health
campaign for governmental authority
The 2nd Regional Respiratory
Forum on April 5-6, 2013 was
hosted by Boehringer Ingerlhiem,
in Dubai, UAE. The forum took
place in the presence of over
300 senior pulmonologists,
internists, respiratory therapists,
medical specialists, and professors
representing the healthcare industry
from UK, South Africa, Italy,
Germany, GCC countries, Egypt,
Lebanon, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia,
Iraq, Libya and Jordan.
The forum revolved around
respiratory diseases focusing
on COPD, highlighting that the
prevalence of chronic obstructive
pulmonary disease (COPD)
and productive cough is rapidly
increasing in the MENA region.
The main aim of this year’s
conference was to create awareness
on the importance of maintenance
treatment in COPD, with long
term benefits for patients.Professor
David Halpin, Consultant Physician
& Honorary Associate Professor,
revealed new bronchodilator
therapies at the forum that were
recently launched for the treatment
of COPD.
At the forum, Prof. Dr. Mirna
Waked, Head of Pulmonary
division at St George Hospital
University Medical Center in
Lebanon, presented his simple
diagnosis score including risk
factors and symptoms. The
properties of the score are
superior to any other score
developed previously and allow
for rapid diagnosis for COPD in
primary care centers.
Dr. Dalia Mahmoud Amr,
Regional Medical Affairs
Manager at Boehringer
Ingelheim, Middle East & North
Africa, said, “COPD, a condition
that is especially common
among smokers, remains a major
public health concern in the
Middle East, where smoking is
increasingly prevalent. With the
disease rising while remaining
vastly under-diagnosed and
under-treated, we intend to raise
awareness of the disease in order
to help affected patients improve
the quality of their life by using
simple, effective medications and
making relatively small changes
to their lifestyle.”
Abu Dhabi, UAE - Mafraq
Hospital recently held a men’s
health awareness campaign
for governmental authority
employees over the age of 45
years. Showing its commitment
to the region, Mafraq Hospital
regularly conducts community
outreach programmes and this
particular campaign focused on
male health problems.
Led by Dr. Mohsen El Mekresh,
Chief of Urology and Chair of
Surgery at Mafraq Hospital, the
campaign began with a lecture
on prostate diseases, erectile
dysfunction and andropause.
The educational talk was
followed with free clinical
examinations for employees that
included vital signs, uroflow
and ultrasound, as well as blood
screening for prostate-specific
antigen (PSA), a diagnostic
marker of prostate cancer.
Nearly seventy men attended
and all received a free clinical
Dr. Mohsen El Mekresh
concluded that, “Overall the
men’s health campaign was a
great success and the ADIA
employees benefited greatly
from the education and
screening. Mafraq Hospital is
proud to be the first in the UAE
to bring attention to the critical
importance of prostate cancer
screening and men’s health
conditions through lectures and
on site medical examinations.”
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