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May/June 2013
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Stretch-Out Strap
New Instructional booklet
Product Description
The patented STRETCH OUT® Strap delivers the benefits of assisted
stretching without a partner. Multiple loops permit deep, gradual stretching
of major muscle groups with greater safety, control and effectiveness than is
possible unaided. Strap comes with the STRETCH OUT Strap Guide, which
features over 30 stretches emphasizing contract-relax techniques. REVISED
EDITION Instructional Guide: New color photos Over 30 stretches featuring
contract-relax techniques Anatomical illustrations for quick reference
Softcover, 40 page booklet
Timex Health
Tracker Watch
Black/Gray Flower
Product Description
A great product for monitoring your progress in a variety of
forms as you try to improve your health. Whether it is cutting
calories, upping the steps you take each day or generally
keeping fit, the Health Tracker has a
built in activity Sensor and doesn’t require
any additional equipment.The Actvity
Sensor can measure steps, calculate
distance, track calories and monitor
activity time. All of this data is then
stored throughout the day using
the Activity Mode. You can set
specific goals in terms of steps
and calories, and use the Diet
Diary to input the calories you
intake with each meal. So
you can limit the amount of
calories to have, as well as see
the amount of steps needed
to burn them off all on the same
device.The Workout Mode is for
timing dedicated workout, regardless
of the activity. The information can be
stored in the Review Mode to be evaluated
afterwards.Features:*Built in Activity Centre:
Identifies steps taken and calculates
distance without the need for additional equipment*Activity
Mode: Lets you track your day to day activities in steps,
distance and calories burned*Diet Diary: Helps you keep
on top of your calorie input*Workout Mode: Gives you the
ability to time and record specific workouts*Review Mode:
Where data for your workouts is stored for review*Calorie
and Step Goals: Provides a clear and simple way to achieve
your ambitions*Automatic Calibration: Keeps calibration
simple and free of data inputWhat’s in the Box:*Timex Health
Tracker*User manual
Purely Products
Ionic Lifestyle for Your
Product Description
IPWW Plug into the positive power of negative ions while
you work, relax or drive. It s the negative ions generated by
nature, (strolling along the beach or hiking by a water fall)
that have the greatest positive health effects. Ionic Purifier
compact negative ion generators for home or office, car and
computer - emits these same refreshing negative ions to
regulate serotonin levels, counteract pollutants and allergens,
and invigorate energy and mood. Ionic Purifier incorporates
negative ion technology to counteract the energy-draining
effects of positive ions emitted by electronics and household
materials while it also cleans the air, removing pollen, dust,
mold spores, smoke and pet dander that trigger allergies.
Features: -Wall Unit: Plugs into any 110 V wall outlet.
-Generates 2,000,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter.
-Boosts mood & energy. -Provides greater alertness, more
mental energy. -Cleans the air: removes
dust, pollen, pet
dander, smoke,
fumes, odors.
-Great for allergies
and asthma
sufferers. -Counters
the energy
draining effects
of positive ions
from electronics
and household
materials. -LED
indicator light
shows it s
working. - ZERO
Ozone Emissions.
1.26’’ H x 1.97’’ W
x 1.77’’ D.