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Human +Kind

All in One Body Oil

This multi-tasker is a must-have for

all skin types but especially for those

suffering from dry patches or eczema

like conditions. All products are made

from natural ingredients, free from

parabens and other chemicals and the

oil is surprisingly fast absorbing and not

at all greasy. After applying, my skin felt

hydrated and was glowing with the dry

areas improved after just a few days of

using this.

Dhs 85; available

at The Change Initiative,

Spinneys, Boots,

Organic Foods and Cafe

Rahua Omega 9

Hair Mask

The consistency of this nourishing

hair masque is light and smells

deliciously of lavender. It provides

a very nice amount of moisture

without leaving my hair feeling

heavy. After using this product,

my hair is shiny and feels soft and

manageable yet is easy to style.

The best part is the product is eco-


Dhs 395; available at Harvey Nichols

and Plethora Hair Lab

Sachajuan Scalp Treatment

A treatment that really gets to the root of my thinning hair, this

contains ProcapilT that combines vitamin enriched matrikine,

apigenin and oleanolic acids from natural olive tree leaves. It

goes right to the spot with an easy to use bottle and nozzle

spout…. I noticed my scalp was less irritated, nourished

and my hair looked and felt great.

Dhs 260; available at Bloomingdales and Harvey Nichols

Skin Repair Foot Peel

This product comes in a foil pouch and inside

are two clear plastic sock shaped bags with

the liquid treatment inside. I placed them on

my feet and left them on for about 90 minutes,

dried my feet and rinsed with warm water. My

feet began to peel around day 3 and continued

to peel for another few days; these are great at

making your feet sandal ready.

Dhs 25; available from Spinneys, Boots the

Pharmacy and United Pharmacies across the


Derma e





Derma e, an

award winning,

natural skincare

solution, has

launched this

skin brighten-

ing sulfate-free

facial cleanser

that effectively

cleanses away ag-

ing dullness and

boosts radiance

leaving skin clean,

healthy and glow-

ing. It left my skin

looking brighter

and squeaky


Dhs 120; available

from Boots and

United Group of



With age and accidental

sun exposure, I have no-

ticed some tiny freckles

and marks creeping up

on my nose and cheeks.

In hopes of fixing this, I

tried ZO Medical’s Bright-

enex, a skin brightener

and correcting cream.

What I really like about

BRIGHTENEX™ is that it

does NOT contain Hydro-

quinone. I started slowly

and just applied it twice

a week then increased

it over the weeks. I had

slight peeling for a week

or so and then fresh

new skin was revealed.

Overall this product is a

must-have to maintain

crystal clear bright skin

all the time.

Dhs 530; available at

Obagi Dubai Mall








Spruce up your look with our favorite

treats for the face and body…



May/June 2015