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Losing weight and then managing to keep it off

for life is an arduous task.


meets with an

expert who explained the key to weight loss is

education and self-awareness.



The Right



When many of us want to shed

some weight, we either cut out

certain food groups or curb our

portions altogether. However

Dr. Rita Nawar Tobias, an

endocrinologist, has a completely

different approach in helping

patients lose weight and keep it off.

She explains: “Most experts usually

prescribe a calorie restricted diet.

However at our clinic, we follow

a system developed by Dr. Naji

Torbay - which has been around

for more than 22 years. He has his

own clinic in Lebanon and we are

partners in this clinic. His method

consists of dividing patients into

two categories; one is patients who

are hyperinsulinemic or insulin

resistant and second, those who are

non-insulin resistant.”


May/June 2015