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The Problem

with Many Diets

There are literally hundreds of diets

out there, from the Southbeach and

Atkins to Paleo. Science has proven

that traditional calories restricted diets

work, indicates Dr. Nawar, adding, “The

problem is that they are not always

practical. This is the first problem with

traditional diets. Secondly, they are not

sustainable. A person can’t live their life

starving. We are human beings and every

now and then need to indulge. These

kinds of diets restrict everything. Also

they don’t really teach you the correct

and incorrect foods for your particular

system. Quite often with these kinds of

diets, once the individual has lost the

weight, 95 percent of people will regain

the weight within one to two years.”


For Dr. Nawar, a patient’s weight

loss journey is about teamwork.

“The patient has to make the

decision to change; the most

important is to learn about food

habits and a doctor will have to

teach this to the individual along

with the dietician’s role of course.

It is a completely synergistic,”


says. “During the initial process

of weight management we see our

patients around once every three

to six weeks. Once the progress

is ongoing, it can be longer in

between visits. Ideally for optimal

maintenance, in the first year, it’s

best to come every three to four

months then twice a year then

once a year especially if there is a

problem with insulin resistance

or metabolism or high cholesterol

and more often for diabetics. We

need to keep on monitoring the

patient regularly. The good news

is that with the personalized

program, the issues subside BIG

TIME even in patients with early

type 2 diabetes.”

Weight Loss Plateau

Many of us have suffered the

dreaded weight loss plateau where

the weight just refuses to budge

despite our efforts. According

to Dr. Nawar, this is a natural

process after several months of

dieting. “It might be stress, some

hormonal changes in the body or

even thyroid issues. We have to

treat these issues and play around.

But perseverance and physical

activity can help. The problem

with many patients when they hit


May/June 2015