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Letters to the Editor

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to further improve our content. We welcome all letters…

Using Color

to Boost Health

Mandy T.


have always

been a fan of

bright colors and

feel that colors

brighten my mood

and spirit. But

when I read the

story on ‘Color

Therapy’ I

realized I was

doing it all wrong.

I used to infuse lots

of color wherever

and whenever I

could. Yet your

article taught me

that it should be

done correctly

and in small doses.

It was a real eye-


Getting Mom

Back in Shape

Lucia A.

from Sharjah

writes: “I recently

had a baby and have

been looking for an

inspirational boost

from somewhere to

get me to take the

first step into getting

back into shape. I

loved your ‘Mommy

Makeover’ guide. It

was interesting and

had a lots of valuable


The editor



Mandy and I’m

glad to hear that

you learned from

it….Keep your

letters coming.”

The editor



Sanjay and look

out for our men’s

fashion trends

forecast this issue

and a skincare

guide just for


The editor


“I’m glad

you liked it. This

issue has an in-

depth guide that

looks at stress,

both good and

bad and how it

impacts your life.

Hope you enjoy it!”

Cricket and

More Cricket

Sanjay R.


Ajman writes:

“I was quite

surprised when

I found not one

but two articles

on well-known

cricket players

Irfan Pathan and

Suresh Raina. It

was nice to see

sports featured

in an otherwise

family magazine.

I hope to see

some men’s

features though

as I noticed there

are not many.”


May/June 2016