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Send your letters to




Executive in

Dubai writes: “I

read your beauty

and food reviews

very fondly and

especially enjoy

the food reviews.

Every eatery you

have suggested,

my husband and

I have gone and

tried. The reviews

are in-depth and

give much more

detail than the

ones found on the

online food review

sites. Keep up the

good work.”

The editor



appreciate your

feedback Marcia

and will definitely

plan features

with more articles

on food and

restaurants in


Troni Mari

from Dubai

writes: “I got your magazine from

one of my friends and I read that

living a healthy life is about more

than just food. HEALTH magazine

is a lifestyle magazine that’s full of

ideas, for not only a more natural life,

but a more simplified one as well.

Our modern lives can be extremely

hectic, complicated, and stressful.

But HEALTH magazine can help you

change that. It features articles on

health, homemaking, beauty tips,

fitness, interior decorating, and could

even help improve your family’s

relationships. Dealing with your mental

health is just as important as any other

aspect of wellness. This magazine can

help you become less stressed, more

organized, more efficient and feel

happier. It has articles designed to

make your life easier and better. I hope

you continue to develop this magazine

and continue to inspire a lot of people.”

The editor responds:

“Thanks Troni.

At HEALTHmagazine, we endeavor to

appeal to a wide range of readers and

hope to inspire and motivate all of our

readers into being the best they can


Letters to the E


HEALTH invites readers to send in

comments and sugge


to further improve our content. We welcome all letters…




Manager from

Dubai writes:

“HEALTH magazine

is very informative,

is loaded with

helpful tips as well

as great articles.

It has interesting

topics which I

enjoy reading,

especially beauty

and wellness. The

magazine itself is

truly amazing. I

highly recommend

HEALTH magazine

to anybody who

wants to enhance

her health and

lifestyle. Kudos

Health Magazine!”

The editor responds:

“Thanks Imelda.

We appreciate your

feedback and your

taking time out to

write to us. Keep

your letters coming.”


May/June 2017