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is a new

company to the market and a

unique concept in the Middle East

that recognizes a huge market

potential for art galleries, interior

design and architecture companies.

Cecilia Setterdahl, a member of

HomesScope, exhibited original

acrylic paintings and matching

hand-knotted carpets. Setterdahl

elaborates, "These paintings are

bold and geometrical with bright

colors and some of these are

replicated into bespoke carpets

and canvas. The carpets are either

unique pieces

or maximum

10 from one

original design

and they can be used either as

wall art or floor art."

Another well- known

representative of the local art

hub is Fawad Durrani, CEO and

Founder of a local gallery Cross

Borders Art. Durrani explains,

“The art world in Dubai has

grown drastically over the last few

years. This has had a significant

Durrani adds, “My

most favorable

art piece is an

abstract of the

Horse, painted by

a well know artist

Mashkoor Raza.

As the horse also

signifies Power,

it’s very popular in

the UAE amongst


impact of people buying art for their

homes especially for the properties

they have bought in the UAE.”

Cross Borders Gallery is known

for working towards removing

geographical borders and social

differences through art and are proud

to own several masterpieces including

breathtaking oil paintings, sculptures

and still captures. The gallery

represents a series of paintings called

the Islamic Art, which comprises of

aesthetic portrayal of the rich cultures

of Islamic societies. The most notable

aspect of Islamic art is powerful

edition Arabic Calligraphy which in

its audience, evokes a deep religious

connection with their Creator.


Written by: Dragana Ra-




May/June 2017