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With summer just around
the corner, the chances of
sun-damage to our skin
become increasingly high.
Yet as
there is a wealth of
information and cutting
edge treatments that can
keep your skin protected
and flawless despite the
heat of the summer sun.
From UV sunblocks to the latest
BB creams that claim to protect us
from the sun and do much more,
is it any wonder that most of us are
confused about the latest products and
treatments out there? Dr. Irene Nirmala
Thomas, Specialist Dermatologist and
Clinical Professor at GMC Hospital in
Ajman explains that from simple, basic
skin care, the recent trend these days
has been to look good and presentable
whatever your age may be; in fact, anti-
aging is the new buzz word. “Anti-aging
awareness has started from women in
their twenties whereas before, anti-
aging implied the late thirties and
forties,” she says, and as the quality
of life and longevity is increasing –
in parallel, anti-aging therapies are
becoming increasingly more acceptable
and their demand is increasing.
Additionally, Dr. Thomas adds that
both pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
have merged to spawn cosmeceuticals
that promise to keep the skin looking
young and smooth. Some of these, she
adds, include Hyaluronic acid, collagen,
peptides, and vitamin C, available as
nanoceuticals. “Even men have jumped
the bandwagon and are increasingly
buying into anti-aging trends driven
by the desire to look younger,” says Dr.
Thomas. Furthermore, CEO of Biolite
Aesthetic Clinic, Mona Syed-Mirza says
that skincare has changed drastically
in recent years. “Skincare products
have become very scientific with
an emphasis on the ingredients and
quality,” she says.
Non-Invasive Treatments
Busy lifestyles have no place for surgical
face lifts with extensive downtime,
tells Dr. Thomas, therefore minimally
invasive facial rejuvenation that require
little down time are performed as office
procedures and are the latest trend
in anti-aging. “These include Botox,
dermal fillers, dermabrasion, micro-
needling, mesotherapy and Platelet
Rich Plasma therapy or PRP,” she
says. “These are the many treatments
in our clinic for skin care and anti-
aging, classified under the 4 R’s.” This
includes: Resurfacing with the use
of lasers, micro-needling, chemical
peels, and microdermabrasion.
Retaining is the use of skin care in
conjunction with cosmeceuticals and/
or mesotherapy. Relaxing is treating
facial wrinkles due to hyper-dynamic
facial muscles, for example using
Botox. And finally Refilling is for
restoring volume in the face using
dermal fillers such as Hyaluronic acid.
According to Dr. Thomas, multiple
sessions and combined modalities
may be necessary as the dermatologist
is responsible in selecting the most
appropriate intervention based on the
patient’s needs, concerns and realistic
expectations. And though the basics
in skincare remain the same, Natasha
Bennett, Operations Director and
Laser specialist at Dermalase Clinic
adds that just in the past few years
even, the science, research and delivery
of skin care has advanced rapidly.
“Treatments are much more affordable
and readily available as well now also
skin care has advanced,” she says.
Factors That Affect Skin
According to Jelena Jovanovic,
Skin Care and Laser specialist at
Wellbeing Medical Centre, some of
the factors that affect our skin include:
environmental pollution, which can
actually affect our skin similarly to
smoking. Also dust and dirt can clog
the pores as there are various chemical
pollutants in the environment that
even in small amounts can contribute
to skin aging. “Also in warmer and hot
July/Aug 2014