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minutes before going out and should
be repeated every two to three hours,”
he says, in addition, the regular use
of moisturizer is very important as it
nourishes the skin and makes it keep
its hydra balance. Further adding,
Jovanovic explains that extended
exposure to sunlight is one of the
major causes of blemishes, rosacea,
wrinkles and premature aging, so
wearing a high SPF sunscreen is very
Fast Forward Ageing
From thin and crêpey skin to lines and
wrinkles, sun exposure, tells Mirza,
causes most of the skin changes that
we think of as a normal part of aging.
“Over time, the sun’s ultraviolet (UV)
light damages the fibers in the skin
are exposed to a huge amount of sun
radiation since we are children and
this will have a cumulative effect on
our skin later on in our life.” This, he
adds, is the reason why dermatologists
always focus on the importance
of a sun protective life style which
includes avoiding mid-day sun,
wearing protective clothing and using
a sunscreen that provides protection
from both UVA and UVB.
Maintaining Our Skin
As a dermatologist, Dr. Naji
emphasizes protecting our skin from
the sun by applying a sun protection
that provides protection from both
UVA and UVB and that is suitable
for our skin type. “The sunscreen
should be put on a daily basis 20
climates like UAE, increased heat and
humidity can cause our skin to sweat,
leaving it more prone to breakouts,
especially if the skin is oily,” she
explains and this heat can also lead to
other skin problems.
The Sun
The most important thing that has a
tremendous effect on our skin, tells
Dr. Shadan Naji, Dermatologist and
Aesthetic Medicine Doctor at Obagi
Medi Spa in Dubai and in Al Ain, is
the amount of our exposure to the sun.
He elaborates, “It is well known that
the ultraviolet radiation in the solar
spectrum causes skin aging and can
induce several medical problems such
as pigmentation and even skin cancer.
We should always consider that we
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