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Here are 5 easy ways for getting rid of
belly fat that you can use every day.
Blended Drinks.
You can make some terrific fruit
drinks with blenders, which are
excellent for getting rid of belly fat.
Blended drinks are a great way to
integrate fresh fruits into your diet
and provide a delicious, high-fibre
way to drink your breakfast. You
simply mix any combination of
your favorite fruits in season. Good
choices are fruits like berries, oranges,
bananas, and peaches. You can also
add orange juice, dry milk powder or
yogurt for a protein boost. Blended
drinks provide a quick and refreshing
breakfast and get your whole system
ready for the day.
Use Fewer Sauces and
Everyone loves spicing up their food
with sauces and dressings, but the
issue is these are often made with oil
or contain lots of sugar. This causes
to accumulate a lot of fat and calories,
as the quantity of these sauces go
up, negating the positive effects of
the green salad you eat dutifully.
The easy way to lose stomach fat
is to reduce the quantity of sauces
and dressings on your foods, and
eventually stopping them altogether.
If you can’t live without the flavour
try using substitutes, such as non-fat
sour cream. The other option is to try
to experiment with more variety of
natural spices to flavor your food.
Eat Breakfast.
Generally speaking, we have seen
many people go on a crash diet and
skip breakfast in a bid to getting
rid of belly fat. The truth is, it’s a lot
easier for people who eat a nutritious
breakfast than those who do not.
When you wake up in the morning
your body has regulated itself into a
‘fasting mode’ because you have not
had anything to eat since the night
before. Breakfast (literally meaning
‘breaking’ the ‘fast’) halts that
period and keeps your metabolism
stabilized. If you skip breakfast and
don’t eat anything for another four
hours or more, your body will shift
itself into ‘starvation mode’ and in all
probability you are much more likely
to eat way too much lunch or indulge
on high-calorie snacks to curb your
Do Exercise That You Enjoy.
One of the best ways of getting rid
of belly fat is exercise. But if you
hate going to the gym, or have no
interest in focused exercise, you will
not have the motivation to do it on
a regular basis. This will terminate
any positive results gained. While
without exercise it’s not possible to
entirely to get rid of belly fat, there
are many different exercises to lose
stomach fat where you do not need
a gym like walking, jogging, cycling
and swimming. The other option is
to partake in sports that you enjoy,
like a game of cricket, football or
tennis. Key point to remember that
it takes time to get your body into
shape and you should try different
activities, schedules and frequencies
to avoid your mind and body from
entering into a mode of stagnation.
This way you can find something
that you enjoy and will work for you
in the long-term, not just limited to a
few weeks.
Let Yourself Have
Occasional Treats.
Remember to reward or treat
yourself occasionally. Even if you
don’t it does not mean that you have
to start trying to find another way on
how to lose stomach fat. This random
incentive you do for yourself is to get
rid of that crave for certain foods you
enjoyed carefree previously. If you
let that crave grow to uncontrollable
levels, it will eventually throw your
diet completely off track. Just have
treats in moderation and you will
be fine. A treat can even be a break.
It can actually do you a lot of good,
provided of course that you get back
to your new healthy lifestyle in a
reasonable time and don’t slip back
to your old habits.
Before you can start getting rid of belly fat for good you must recognise how important it is to adopt a change to your lifestyle.
Crash diets might offer a short term solution, but when you stop the diet and go back to your old habits, you will probably put
all the weight back on again. If you focus on changing your lifestyle by improving your nutrition and fitness it is not nearly as
difficult to maintain as when you feel that you are continually on a diet and always thinking about how to lose stomach fat.
July/Aug 2014