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Paula from Sharjah is a stay-at-home momwho has been advised to lose 10 kilos for
good health. She currently does not exercise and says she just doesn’t like the idea of
switching on the computer and exercising at home. She explains, “I don’t like walking
alone; I find it boring. I also get bored really easily from doing exercise routines off of the
computer. Yet I really need to shed this weight and need motivation also. Is there any
that I can do that’s both fun and really works up a sweat?”
The answer is a group fitness glass which according
to Nganga, have become popular because of
the additional element of entertainment that
they bring to fitness. “They are not only
invigorating and healthy but also fun,”
he says.
Zumba is basically a dance fitness
program created by Colombian dancer
and choreographer Alberto “Beto”
Perez during the 1990’s. It combines
the elements of both aerobics and
dance alongside lunges and squats.
Its choreography incorporates salsa,
hip-hop, samba, mambo, merengue,
and martial arts. Sessions are typically
about an hour long and are taught
by licensed instructors. Exercises
are practiced to the beat of fast and
slow rhythms and include resistance
training. “Zumba is popular because
it has the ‘Latino’ spice and ‘salsa’
elements to it and these have been
carefully blended to provide fitness
while having fun,” Nganga explains.
Developed by Joseph Pilates, Pilates
emphasizes the body’s balanced
development through awareness,
flexibility, and core strength which
eventually enables support of efficient
movement. One of the best aspects
of Pilates is that it can be applied to
several age groups at varied fitness
levels; therefore senior citizens, women
who have delivered, and even dancers,
can all enjoy the exercise.
Pilates, points out Nganga, has always
been popular with its popularity
only increasing as more and more
people take to this type of exercise.
“Pilates targets the core strength and
conditioning which has quick results
in the overall health and wellbeing
of the individual practicing it,” he
says. “It is amazing how a little help
with the posture and strength in the
core muscles of the body can do to
the individuals overall health and
July/Aug 2014