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fitness.” He adds that group classes
sessions last 45 minutes to 90 minutes
depending on the level of fitness
level and the type of class. “In order
to see visible results, group classes
should be done two to four times a
week combined with a good diet and
resistance training,” he explains.
More intense than a stationary bike,
in this kind of class, expect to cycle
for approximately 30 to 75 minute
sessions, which can burn up to around
900 calories. The intensity varies
throughout the class, due to changing
of body position, pedal speed, and
resistance. During the class, the
instructor will yell out instructions to
imitate a real ride of climbs, sprints,
and coasts. And one of the great
aspects is that most bikes can track
mileage, pulse, and calories burned
to record progress throughout the
class. And all that pedalling will tone
up muscles, too, working the quads,
hamstrings, glutes, calves, and core.
Other Kinds of Classes
Other classes include Zumba, yoga,
Tae-bo, TRX, Aero-Dance, Dumbbell
Blast, Bokwa, Circuit training, Core
Plus, Bollywood Dance, Tabata
training, Cardio Kickboxing, Aqua
gym and Hard core Aerobics. All of
the group exercise/fitness classes, tells
Nganga, work on the whole body,
mainly focusing on the legs since
they are the largest muscles and they
require adequate time for recovery.
“Hence they stimulate an increase in
calories burnt during the class and at
least eight hours after the class,” he
says. “Classes entail choreographed
moves with music set to fit the rhythm
and flow of each individual class.”
Levels of Intensity
Group classes are designed to be safe
and effective, points out Nganga.
“Some classes like aqua gym would be
recommended for someone with joint
problems as opposed to Tae-bo since
it is high impact,” he says while classes
are designed in terms of beginners,
intermediate and advance. “The
intensity varies from easy, intermediate
and intense,” he explains. Adding,
he says that anyone can attend these
group classes from age 10 to age 90.
“It is even better for those who are not
able to motivate themselves or stick to
their fitness routine as being part of a
group activity has that extra element
of motivation from fellow members
in the class and the instructor,” he
explains and in fact, the best candidate
for a group fitness class is one who
is looking to have a great time while
keeping fit. Nganga explains that the
number of sessions required vary due
to personal preference and fitness lever.
“Basically two to four classes per week
one hour per session is recommended,”
he states.
Some results from partaking in a group
fitness class, says Nganga, include the
following: weight loss, decrease in
fat percentile, decrease in cholesterol
levels, decrease in blood pressure, and
a decrease in resting heart rates. “Also
included are increased stamina, an
increase in endurance, an increase in
resting metabolic rate, correct posture,
as well as an enhanced state of calm
and relief,” he explains. “Prices range
from Dhs 200 to Dhs 250 with some
additional complementary classes.”
Exercise Tips To
Help Keep You
• Post your reasons to
exercise all over the
house where you will see
them throughout the day.
• Get a workout buddy.
• Write your workout into
your schedule.
• Ask your family for
support, even if that
means they push you out
the door.
• Make it a family affair
and come up with great
exercise activities the
whole family can do.
• Give yourself small
rewards; a new outfit, a
day at the spa or a mani/
Make sure you stick with
your motivation tools
and you’ll start seeing
the results you want.
As the results come,
your motivation will
automatically increase to
bring more results which
gets you closer to your
July/Aug 2014