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should be included in some form as they
keep us full; generally a balanced meal
to keep you going throughout the day.”
Iftar Made Healthy
Move over oily fritters and samosas
and instead, Ali suggests to try healthy
options such as mung bean salad,
mung pancakes, fresh fruit salad,
zesty quinoa salad, eggplant rolls,
Vietnamese rice rolls and lots of other
options. Avoid serving carbonated
drinks at this time and instead
water and fresh juices can be served.
Sandwiches can be included but should
be whole meal bread with chicken
breast slices and vegetables or tuna.
Water Loss
Even the most disciplined water
drinkers often forget to drink the daily
prescribed amour of water during
Ramadan. Ali suggests that the only
way to deal with the lack of water is to
make sure you drink enough between
Iftar and Suhour. “At least two liters of
water in the form of herbal teas or even
Snazzy Water that I make and keep
with me at all times,” she says, as this
water helps with detoxing, hydrating
and keeping your metabolism at its
max. “The recipe for Snazzy water is
basically in every one liter of water, you
add one sliced lemon, sliced, crushed
and half a finely sliced cucumber,” she
Staying Physically Fit
With Ramadan falling in some of
the hottest and longest days of the
year, rigorous gym visits may not be
particularly advisable; however Ali says
that there are other ways to staying
active. “I just recommend people to
walk at some stage between Iftar and
Suhour,” she says. “If you eat healthy
and small meals and not overload your
bodies with too much food at Iftar,
then you will have loads of energy to
go to the gym for a light workout.”
However if you overload your system
at Iftar time, then she adds that then
you will want to just vegetate in front
of the TV for hours and that’s when
you start feeling bored and start
munching unnecessarily.
Snacks and Cravings
Always keep healthy snacks in your
refrigerator and kitchen cupboard,
urges Ali. “It is actually good to snack
however it needs to be healthy snacks
such as unsalted nuts, pumpkin seeds,
unsalted and unbuttered popcorn,
vegetable crudités (sticks) with
guacamole dip or moutabal,” she
explains, all healthy low calorie and
high nutrition snacks.
Foods to Avoid
Fried foods, sodas and processed
foods like pastries, tells Ali, should be
avoided as they have no nutritional
value and make you bloated and gain
weight. “And buffets definitely need
to be avoided,” she suggests. With
regards to days or a time when you
can forgo your rigidity momentarily,
Ali says that have cheat days if you
have to have them, then make it an
Iftar once a week. “Or cheat on some
smaller portions that will give you the
satisfaction – such as a small piece of
dark chocolate or chocolate brownie,”
she says.
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