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From nurses and midwives to physician’s assistants and dental hygienists, today, the
healthcare sector is not only a lucrative but is extremely rewarding.
speaks to the
Gulf Medical University Career Counselor Jose Jeffrey Puentespina who explains what is
required to attain a career in healthcare…
( listed 12 of the best jobs
in healthcare for 2014. “It cited the
*CareerCast list which considered,
amongst its study, factors ranging
from income, hiring outlook, work
environment, hazards, physical
demands including heavy lifting, and
stress factors including life-threatening
risks, competitiveness, travel and the
data on annual median salary and
projected job growth of the Bureau
of Labor Statistics of United States of
America,” he explains. And the 12 jobs
in the list are as follows:
1. Biomedical Engineer
2. Dental Hygienist
3. Occupational Therapist
4. Optometrist
5. Physical Therapist
6. Chiropractor
7. Speech pathologist
8. Pharmacist
The Top Jobs
A recent report in
from January 7, 2014, revealed that
the Dubai Chamber of Commerce
projected the UAE healthcare sector
at the rate of Dhs 44 billion by 2015.
With such staggering figures, is it any
wonder that healthcare is considered
one of the most appealing and defining
careers of the future? Further to that,
Puentespina indicates that Forbes
July/Aug 2014