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The Professions
Healthcare encompasses many diverse fields and according to Puentespina, the World Health
Organization (WHO) considers the healthcare industry as one of the largest segments of the
workforce in the world. “The hierarchy of professions based on estimated figures is as follows;
the number one greatest in number are nurses andmidwives who occupy the top ranking, next
are the physicians, and the third group is pharmacists and other pharmaceutical personnel,” he
explains. “Global IndustryClassificationStandardcategorizeshealthcare industry into twosub-
categories; these are first, Health Care Equipment and Services, and second, Pharmaceuticals
Biotechnology and Life Sciences.” Then there are sub-industries under Health Care Equipment
and Supplies, which include Health Care Supplies, Health Care Distributors, Health Care
Services, Health Care Facilities, Managed Health Care, and Health Care Technology. “And
under Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology and Life Sciences are sub-industries Biotechnology,
Pharmaceuticals, and Life Sciences Tools and Services,” he says.
9. Podiatrist
10. Respiratory therapist
11. Medical records technician, and lastly
12. Physician Assistant.
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The Steps to Pursuing a
Career in Healthcare
Wanting to pursue a career in healthcare
is more than just studying hard but
rather, Puentespina explains that it
also requires intelligence, discipline,
a good foundation in science; that
includes the subjects Biology, Physics,
and Chemistry, as well as emotional
maturity. “This means your career
in healthcare starts when you enroll
in a course related to healthcare,” he
says and choosing a course related
to healthcare essentially means
that honest self-reflection and self-
evaluation is required. “This means
identifying your strengths and
weaknesses in academics, specifically
in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics and
basically your aptitude in science can
tell you if you can surpass the grueling
academic challenge of healthcare
courses,” he tells.
Average Grades
However in a case where your grades
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