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Polish medical devices
and measuring equipment
are getting more and
more competitive and win
international recognition.
Interest in Polish products is
growing from year to year.
Polish producers owe their
success both to their hard
work and the European Union,
whose funds are effectively
used to support Polish brands
and their expansion to foreign
markets. For more than a
year the Sector Promotion
Programme of Medical Device
and Measuring Equipment
Industry – Polska Medical (see:
has been executed. Initiated by
the Ministry of Economy in
Poland, the program is aimed
at promoting manufacturers
of medical equipment and
delivering information on
innovative character and
The UAE’s National Archives
has unveiled its newest
photography exhibition,
“Thakerat Al Watan”, at Abu
Dhabi’s Sheikh Khalifa Medical
City (SKMC), which will
showcase portraits of the late
Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al
competitiveness of Polish
products. The project turned
out to be a great success. The
best proof of the effectiveness
of the program is the trade
mission of foreign companies
and study tour of international
press organized in Poznan,
Poland, between 10th and 12th
of February.
This year’s edition of study
visits of foreign press and
potential partners was focused
on Salmed Exhibition - Poland’s
largest trade fair of medical
equipment that gathers together
the leaders of the medical
market. The trades create a great
opportunity for the exchange
of knowledge and experiences,
and for tightening the relations
between representatives
of medicine, business and
science. A large group of
companies and representatives
Nahyan and Sheikh Khalifa Bin
Zayed Al Nahyan until August.
SKMC, managed by Cleveland
Clinic, is part of the SEHA
HealthSystem and owned
and operated by Abu Dhabi
Health Services Company PJSC
of international press from
Brazil, USA, Germany,
Russia and UAE accepted
the invitation to Poznan.
The eventful program of the
visit included discussion-n
panels with experts at medical
equipment sector in Poland,
visiting the trades and
individual meetings with the
exhibitors. A B2B session for
Polish manufacturers and
foreign guests was one of the
high spots of the visit. Polska
Medical Program gave Polish
manufacturers a chance to
establish new, perspective
business ties with carefully
chosen foreign prospects. Apart
from business meetings and
lectures given by the experts,
on the 12th of February, foreign
guests had an opportunity to
take part in Hospital Build
And Infrastructure conference
- the fastest-growing, global
business-to-business platform
dedicated to bringing together
investors, commissioners,
backers and managers of
healthcare-related building
projects with key players in
planning, design, construction,
operations, management,
supply and refurbishment.
(SEHA), which is responsible for
the curative activities of all the
public hospitals and clinics in
the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.
Commenting on the exclusive
gallery at SKMC, CEO of the
hospital Ben Frank said:
“Preserving and documenting
the history and heritage of a
country is an arduous task and
requires a trusted custodian to
handle the process. SKMC is
delighted to be chosen by The
National Archives as the first
government institution to host
Thakerat Al Watan, bringing
art and history into the hospital
as part of a holistic healing
In effort to support and
empower parents of young
children in the UAE, Salama
bint Hamdan Al Nahyan
Foundation, in collaboration
with Yale University, will host a
series of Parenting Workshops
from 6 January until 6 May
Based on the scientific research
and focused on Early Childhood
Development (ECD), the series
of workshops is among the
initiatives of the Foundation.
With a core belief that ages 0-3
years are crucial for setting a
foundation for later learning,
wellbeing, and happiness, its aim
is to emphasise that parents’
love for, investment in, and
commitment to their children,
leads to a greater likelihood the
children will be well adjusted,
happy and productive adults.
Beginning in January, the
parenting workshops are to
be conducted for two days
each month by ECD experts
from Yale University. They
will present lectures and
facilitate activities in a variety
of formats for people who play
an important role in the daily
care and nurturance of a young
child which includes parents,
grandparents, other family
members as well as professionals
of ECD. Also, attendees will be
given an option of attending the
workshop either at Jumeirah at
Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi, or
at Tawam Hospital Polyclinic,
Al Ain.
The topics for the workshops
include parents’ contributions
to their child’s development, a
child’s emotional intelligence,
the father’s role in childcare,
health habits, and best practices
for setting limits with children.
July/Aug 2014