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Blood Bank
No one deposits money in this kind of bank! Blood
banks collect and store blood, which healthy people
donate. The bank keeps blood ready in case someone
needs it because of an accident or surgery.
Depressants are a kind of drug that, when used as
prescribed by a doctor, can help relax muscles or calm
nerves. Larger or improperly used doses of depressant
drugs can cause confusion, lack of coordination, and
shaking. Someone who takes them may have slurred
speech, inability to concentrate, and may fall asleep at
work or school. Very large doses of depressant drugs
can stop your breathing and kill you.
The word diagnosis is a fancy name for how doctors
figure out what’s making you sick. Doctors collect all
kinds of information to find out what’s making you
feel sick by asking questions and ordering tests, like
blood tests or x-rays. After you are diagnosed with
something, doctors can treat you with medicine and
other things to help you get better!
Lumosity is a training program designed by neurologists to work
out your brain and improve your cognitive abilities. The Lumosity
app uses a series of fun and challenging games to exercise different
parts of your brain.
50 percent of children and 5 percent of adults talk in their sleep.
If you’re one of them, there’s a way to find out what you’re saying.
With Sleep Talk Recorder, you can keep track of what you or your
child says during the night. The app saves your recordings and
places them on a timeline for easy navigation and playback.
The KidsDoc app is the modern response to parents’ cry for help.
Choose from 99 symptoms and find information on how to best
respond to your child’s needs, be it a bloody nose or a bee sting.
This trusty app’s advice comes from the clinical protocols used by
pediatricians and nurses in 10,000 practices and 400 nurse call
This app is also a handy reminder for new parents when their
baby’s brain is changing, or “leaping,” the baby is making a
significant advance in mental development, and with each step
forward comes a drastic change in the way your baby sees the
world around him. Because these leaps come so quickly, the
“new world” and new abilities can sometimes be scary, and the
development can initially manifest in poor sleep, bad appetite,
crying, clinging and crankiness – exhausting and frustrating mom
and dad.
July/Aug 2014