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If you will be using
prescription sleeping
pills, take a few
Discuss your options
with your doctor.
your doctor know that you’re
concerned about becoming
dependent on sleeping pills. He
or she can take that into account
when selecting a medication.
For example, benzodiazepines -
drugs sometimes prescribed for
sleep problems - are more likely
to be habit-forming than are
nonbenzodiazepine drugs..
Carefully follow your
doctor’s instructions
. If
you start taking a prescription
sleeping pill, carefully read the
medication guide. Don’t increase
the dose or stop taking the
medication without talking to
your doctor. Some medications
must be stopped gradually.
Follow-up with your
If you’re taking sleeping
pills for more than a few weeks,
be sure to schedule follow-up
appointments with your doctor at
least every six months.
July/Aug 2014