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Letters to the editor

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HEALTH invites readers to send in comments and suggestions to further

improve our content. We welcome all letters…

Maha Zeenni,


New Age Clinic in Jumeirah

writes, “If you’re reading

HEALTH magazine then

you’re already a health

and beauty lover. HEALTH

Magazine promotes a

new way of being which

is accessible to us via

the magazine. Through

a mixture of personal

accounts, advice columns,

tips as well as references

to everything from beauty

to health the magazine

examines what life is all

about. It’s also a fun read

and very educational, and

it keeps you in-the-know

of what’s happening in the

health field. Keep up the

great work!”

Sara Choudhary,

CFU Department in

Emirates NBD writes,

“Regarding the

magazine, the name

HEALTH means a lot to

everyone in this world,

especially these days.

Your magazine shows the

way to be healthy, and it

is very attractive, has very

useful information like

health tips, good recipes,

exercises, beauty tips and

you name it regarding

health which you find

in your magazine. It’s

really very nice, and I can

spend hours reading it.”


an IT

Manager from Sharjah

writes, “The last month’s

issue on ‘Losing Weight

the Right Way with Dr.

Rita’ was a real eye-

opener for me. I have

suffered from borderline

diabetes for years and

have struggled with my

weight. I had no idea

my problem was more

carbohydrate related

than calories. It has

helped me in making

sensible eating choices

and hopefully is the start

to healthy eating habits

for life.”


July/Aug 2015