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Letters to the Editor

Send your letters to

HEALTH invites readers to send in comments and suggestions

to further improve our content. We welcome all letters…

Letter of Appreciation

Hina Mohamed,

Vice CEO

of Marketing Vivandi, Dubai

writes: “Health Magazine

for us at VIVANDI has taken

a new direction; we feel it

is a trustworthy source and

product perspectives stand

out. We like the way products

are portrayed from an honest

and accurate voice. We

appreciate the tone and flow of

the magazine and particularly

enjoy the articles as they are

direct and skip the clutter that

many editors feel they need

just to fill up space! We have

pulled a lot of print activity

of recent but feel that Health

has shown value and return

for us and a credible source of

content for our demographic

across the Middle East means

that for us, it is the must-have

partner publication.”

Appreciating the

Men’s Section

Nick S.

from Dubai

writes: “I was

pleasantly surprised

to see the inclusion

of a men’s section

in the last issue. The

fashion forecast by

Ushi Soto was very

good. Please also try

and include a section

on gadgets as it’s

what everybody

wants to read.”

The editor responds: “Thanks

Hina, we appreciate your

feedback and hope to take our

magazine to an even higher

level of excellence in the

months to come.”

The editor

responds: “Thanks

for your suggestion

Vanessa. We are

hoping to include a

travel section after

the September

issue. Please keep

your suggestions


The editor


“Thanks Nick for

your suggestions.

We will try and

start including

gadgets in some

way early next

year. Please

keep your letters


Travel Woes

Candice B.


Ajman writes: “I

really enjoy reading

your magazine. It’s

always packed with

interesting and

informative features.

I have noticed

however, you don’t

have anything on

travel, hotels, or

holidays. It would

be great if you could

include something

in each issue to give

us ideas for our next

stay-cation for the

holidays. Thanks.”


Jul/Aug 2016