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P.O. BOX: 231508, Office No: 315. Building Bin Suloom,
Jesco Supermarket, Same Building, Al Barha, Deira- Dubai
Tel: 04 2508136, Fax: 04 2508139, Mob: 055 9943539
Importance of
clean drinking water
70% of Human body
consists of water
The water possesses very high energy and plays
very important role to balance the organic body.
Promotion of Growth
Promotes growth good
energy effciency.
Purifcation of
Improves the quality of bad
water and soil.
Inhibition of Pathogenic
Organisms Proliferation
Stops the virus and
improves resistance.
Inhibition of Harmful ions
Inhibits functions of harmful
metal ions.
Promotion of adaptability
Enhances the larger scope of
application for temperature,
light, etc.
Obtaining Regeneration
Helps restore damage of cells
and tissues.
Improvement of Living Body
Improves various functions such
as Movement, digestion and
Normal Growth
Balance nutrition No deformity.
Daily 10-15 glass water good for health
Now you have been enjoying all the benefts of living in clean, flter and
soft water. You always have the best water coming from Tap water
in your home; we have a team of expert technicians they will keep
your water system working at peak capacity. It is extremely important
quality according the manufacturers recommendation in order to be
able to enjoy your high quality water at all time.
They are uniquely designed to work with Municipality treated water.
Drinking water system installed under your kitchen or bath sink
provides cleaner, soft, better tasting drinking water straight from the
tap . That water for drinking for tea, coffee, for washing vegetables
and fruits, for cooking.
Functions of water Purifer
Stage1:- PPF flter, remove the sand, suspended material, colloid,
iron scale and micelles
Stage 2:- Granular activated carbon flter.
Remove the smell, maintained chlorine and trichloromethane.
Stage 3:- Compressed activated carbon flter long life compressed
activated carbon bar and make the flter double fltration
It can remove the color, smell, remained Chlorine, trichloromethane,
sand, suspended material and colloid.
Stage 4:- RO components. Adopt the membranes imported from US.
It can remove the material, bacteria, virus, agricultural chemical, heavy
metal and salt. Removing the harmful material which is harmful to
human beings, produce high quality drinking water.
Stage5:- Post activated carbon flter absorb the smell deeply, making
outlet water sweet.
We offers
• Free Installation • Two years free replacement warranty.
• One time free shifting • Four (4) free quality checks in a year
• Four(4) free service in a year • First year Reflls Free
• Systems provides on easy Installments & Cash
Our services
Please contact us to
set up to your services and
maintenance for keep your water
at its best purity level. If you do not
own a water Purifer system call for
free demonstration or need any
maintenance look no further , we
provide services almost any type
of water treatment systems
from any company.